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  1. Retrogamer

    Daily Check: What shooters are you guys playing ATM?

    Currently #13 on t he Deathsmiles leaderboards 😁
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    Elden Ring official discussion

    ill have to try that
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    Elden Ring official discussion

    Beat Malenia in under 2 minutes (with mimic summon) bleed stunned her a bunch with my current build, she didn't even get to pull off any waterfowls
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    FS: Manual Madness part 2 NES MANUALS

    over 170 unique manuals not including duplicates. I tried my best to describe variations (Circle T, Star code Revision number etc) prices include shipping to NA members ONLY, and are FIRM. Bulk rate: subtract $1 each additional manual in depth photos upon request. First come first serve. please...
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    I’m getting old, I own my own video game shop now. Feels surreal.
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    You rang? XD
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    A few English AES manuals available for Super Spy, Blues Journey, Ninja Combat, Riding Hero, Nam 1975

    Prices include shipping, payment via paypal within US only. all are near mint/mint with the exception of Nam which has the notorious censorship graffiti. Super Spy $50 Blues Journey $50 Ninja Combat $pending Riding Hero $30 Nam 1975 $30
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    I decided to poke my head in since I have officially been a part of the forum for 20 years now. How is it going fools!?
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    Manual Madness! Part one Game Boy / Game Boy Color / Game Boy Advance

    Game Boy / Color / Advance manual madness! US Shipping only Shipping is included with price of each. Will be shipped with cardboard backing. Manuals are in A or A- condition unless stated. Will send detailed photos before deal is done! Please comment after PM is sent! Sorry about the post-it...
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    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    Clint ‘Jigen’ Gorman was my first Internet friend to die.
  11. Retrogamer

    Stealthlurker has passed away.

    I have been friends with Julius for a long time, and when he went silent for a week I did a search and found out he died of complications from a stroke. He was an amazing person, and super down to earth for someone with such a stellar collection. Rest In Peace old friend. His sister set up a...
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    ### Post your PIC - Official Thread ###

    It’s been about 15 years since I last posted my pic in this thread, it’s a good time for an update
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    Neo Geo AES Crackling Sound

    cleaned the pins and no change, however upon further testing I have noticed some games have a bit of screen flicker when higher pitched sounds go through the system, also the no sound is coming through the red (right channel) is not working. i'm guessing the mod board went bad, or it might be...
  14. Retrogamer

    Neo Geo AES Crackling Sound

    My buddy has and AES that has intermittent crackling static popping sound. Tried both through the headphones and normal connection with the same results. It might be important to note that the system has been RGB modded, but worked fine as such for years.
  15. Retrogamer

    Does anyone have experience with the Universal Monitor Chassis?

    I’m well versed in repairing old chassis (just fixed the one at my shop) but my home project cab has been on hold for quite some time. I’m currently stuck because I can’t find the flyback for the chassis my home cab has, so a universal chassis might be my only choice here. I checked the...
  16. Retrogamer

    SEGA CDX Problems Reading CD games.

    Let me give you a full progress report before guesses are made. Was presented a CDX unit that was not reading CD games, Genesis carts play fine but CD does not spin and screen says "no disc" Unit has original OEM power supply. Upon opening the unit I took note that the copper shielding inside...
  17. Retrogamer

    So I came to vent about Battle Princess Madelyn!

    That’s another interesting issue. The Newer version for the switch is not released yet, the only way to find out is if you preorder it within the 2 week period that LR will have it available to buy, it’s a total crapshoot. There is a absolutely different physical release in Japan for Switch...
  18. Retrogamer

    So I came to vent about Battle Princess Madelyn!

    I’m sure a lot of you know about Battle Princess Madelyn all ready, but for those who don’t, long story short it’s a game that was crowdfunded via Kickstarter on March of 2017. The game was supposed to be a homage to the Makaimura (Ghosts n Goblins) games starring the developer’s daughter and...
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Not sure if anyone noticed yet, or if this is common knowledge. I noticed that the cart has what seems to be micro LEDs inside, at least 2 colors perhaps 3. They are towards the bottom on the back side a bit to the left of the hologram sticker. They blink at different intervals during different...