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    The King Of Fighters XV (2020)

    Great post. I agree with your words.
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    WTB: MVS Mini Marquees

    I should have a captain tomaday mini jap that I would trade with a breakers revenge jap mini if you have it.
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    Great work. Hope you will translate Chibi quiz as well.
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    Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

    I agree with most of your points: times change and arcades are sure a thing from the past. People's minds do change and gaming experience is now a portable experience. Anyway, if you look at it in a dynamic perspective, the neo geo could be out of the grave if arcade operators would actually...
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    Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

    Exa producers said they hope it will be the new neo geo and snk and other developers are looking at it as a possible future machine for their games. Sunsoft and other companies already have games ready. The idea is just the same neo geo mvs was: a cheap and easy way for operators to buy games...
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    Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

    the news section is for threads pertaining neo geo, not only snk. exa arcadia could be a new neo geo and shares some features of the snk mvs machine.
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    Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

    . Exactly. The system is even cart based.
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    Exa-arcadia, the new neo geo?

    Any opinon or impression about exa arcadia first games line up? Some shooters seem cool and even sunsoft is making a game for the system.
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    No contact from Neostore - *resolved* consignment

    I'm in contact with Shawn. He was busy with other things days ago but hopefully he will be back in contact with you. Will send him link to this thread.
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    Proposta per far rinascere la sezione italiana

    Non so sia stato evidenziato nei punti di questo thread ma la cosa che fa la differenza ora rispetto ad allora è che il neo geo è una macchina morta. Quando sono arrivato qui nel 1999, il neo geo sfornava giochi splendidi e tutto il forum era vivo e pieno di attesa. Il nuovo azionista cinese...
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    Polymega system claims to now run neo geo cd games with faster load times

    truer words were never spoken.
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    Kraut Buster New NGDEV - 2015

    Nerve-wracking due to waiting a neo geo game...that's sound amazing to me in 2019. PS the intro seems just like an intro from an amiga game, glad anyway many here like it.
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    Shito's humble vault

    Actually the real name for it is MVS. The worldwide arcade market was company main focus and I do understand that now even more as I'm collecting japanese mvs kits. Infact, japanese arcade mvs carts are way more difficult to find compared to their english counterpart and some good and hot...
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    can someone from Italy help me on a thing ?

    I'm actually reading and checking forums pretty often. Given the italian section is almost dead, I do not mind some activity, even some flames. I miss oldtimes btw.
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    Trying to Review Every Neo Geo Game on Youtube

    great and in depth reviews.
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    New discovery. amazing Neo Geo candy cocktail cabinet

    that's my feeling as well
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    New discovery. amazing Neo Geo candy cocktail cabinet

    Yes, panel and overlay as the same as MV19 SC-0 as far as layout goes. The main body, the glass and the serigraphy are unique to this model. There is a snk plate with serial number but not a model number, seems they just used seial numbers for all the cabinets produced.
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    New discovery. amazing Neo Geo candy cocktail cabinet

    Bought and sold this to a friend. ta-0 is 900 and 800, this one is 600 and 800. ps overlay and panel are not unique as you wrote.. They are the same as neo19
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    New discovery. amazing Neo Geo candy cocktail cabinet

    btw I do not own this.