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  1. claymin

    pinout for analog connector on Mitsubishi Megaview XC3315???

    hi, all. I've recently acquired Mitsubishi Megaview XC3315, and I'm trying to make a custom RGB cable for my MV-2. Could anybody send me the info regarding 15 pin d-sub RGB connector? I would like to know the pinouts of it. thanks in advance.
  2. claymin

    Mitsubishi Megaview XC3315 manual???

    Hi, Does anyone have a manual (preferably .pdf file) for Mitsubishi Megaview XC3315? It doesn't seem to memorize horizontal/vertical settings. I have to change it whenever I turn it on. Color, brightness, contrast and tint settings are working fine and they don't change each time I turn the...
  3. claymin

    how to verify bios region in MV-1C ???

    hi, all. I'm purchasing 2 MV-1C boards through a well-known awesome deal that's going on now on selling forum. I would love to know if there's any way I can tell which bios contains which region. I'm searching for Jap bios in MV-1C board. Is there any way I can verify it by visual inspection...
  4. claymin

    Dreamcast's S-video signal is WEAK.

    I've had 4 Dreamcasts so far and none of them had rock solid crisp S-video like Saturn does. Even my S-video modded (exactly the same as Neo mod) genesis consoles have much better picture quality than Dreamcast. I've tried official SEGA S-video cables and S-video out from a generic VGA box...
  5. claymin

    WELLS GARDNER monitor...good for NEO?

    I've been searching a decent CRT tv lately, but I realized that it's quite hard to come by these days. So I was like, "OK, how about a real RGB monitor this time?" I've found this WELLS GARDNER K7700 series for only $169.99!!! :drool_2: I'm assuming this supercedes previous K7000. maybe not...
  6. claymin

    my MV-2F acted out weirdly...

    I was playing SS3 for about 15min and all of a sudden white screen popped out and stayed that way. :mad: I turned my consolized MV-2F off and booted again, now all I could see was the very first garbage screen you would see when you boot up MVS. It just stayed still. In an extremely...
  7. claymin

    question regarding Southtown inserts

    Hi, I have a question regarding Southtown MVS inserts. What's the quality of these MVS inserts? Are they of crisp clean, professional quality? Since I have 20+ MVS carts now, I would like to purchase shockboxes and inserts for my collection and I'm wondering if they are worth to buy. Any...
  8. claymin

    JVC X'Eye mod

    Hi y'all. I just scored JVC X'eye off eBay, and I'm going to add Neobitz s-video on it. I did some research on and it tells me to use sync signal off Luminance instead of composite. Am I getting it wrong or something? I thought I could use composite sync out right off the CXA 1145...
  9. claymin

    talk about insane shipping cost... US $1,299.00 ??? WTF is this guy thinking? :conf:
  10. claymin appreciation thread

    Just wanted to say "thank you" to all of you who keep this great community active and alive. As an avid video game fan (exclusively console systems), Neo-Geo was something divine that I couldn't even touch as a mere kid. Now I am a proud owner of MV-2F (purchased from Borman ;) ) consolized by...
  11. claymin

    WTB: Neo-Geo Pad

    Hi, everyone! I would like to buy a Neo-Geo Pad in reasonably good condition. Paypal only. Please PM me thanks.
  12. claymin

    FS MVS carts including SSV

    I am selling my following MVS carts. 1. SSV JP (100% original) 2. World Heroes 2 Jet JP (100% original) + KOF 2001 (boot) + Puzzle Bobble (boot) Please check out my eBay auction.
  13. claymin

    WTB SS3 and KOF96 MVS carts.

    I would like to purchase following ORIGINAL SNK MVS carts. Samurai Showdown 3 MVS The King of Fighters 96 MVS I want both with reasonably clean original label. I will take both US and JP versions, it does not matter to me. I can only send payments via Paypal. (I am a decent eBayer) No...
  14. claymin

    MV-1C overclocking. pinout information needed help!

    Hi, ya'll. I just got my MV-1C off eBay. I think I am going to build a supergun for it this time since I already have my consolized MV-2F. I am highly interested in overclocking this baby. I don't want any slowdown on my MSX and AOF3. Does anyone know which pin of MC68HC000FN12 I need to cut...
  15. claymin

    MV-2F overclocking? help plz~~

    I know it is possible to overclock AES and MVS, but I could not find any information regarding how to overclock MV-2F upon my research. Does anyone know how to do this? If so, please let me know. Thank you so much.
  16. claymin

    MS2 or MSX ???

    Which one is better? Metal Slug 2 or Metal Slug X ? What's the main difference between those two? Which one do you prefer and why? Thanks for reading.
  17. claymin

    Legs for MV-2F?

    Hey guys. I am gathering parts for consolizing my upcoming MV-2F. I have noticed that many of you have used some kind of "bolts and nuts"(?) to hold MV-2F on the generic surface board (either wood/plastic). What are those "bolts and nuts" that replace the original "legs" of MV-2F? Where can...
  18. claymin

    painting for consolizing...

    Hi guys. just wanted to know how you guys paint your mvs system when you consolize it. what kind of paint do you use? spray maybe? I want to get that shiny black color for my upcoming MV-2F. What do I need to get that shiny feel? I assume I need something else rather than just black spray...
  19. claymin

    edge connector = jamma connector?

    Hi guys. I am building my own supergun for MV-1C. Is it ok to use 56-pin edge connector I can buy off as jamma connector? I am wondering if the edge of MV-1C would be too thicker/thinner or longer/shorter to fit in the digikey edge connector. Which edge connector should I buy...
  20. claymin

    FS: MV-2F with 5 free MVS carts and JROK RGB to NTSC converter !!!

    I would like to sell my MV-2F (bought from JGN) with 5 MVS carts. KOF 95 JP, Fatal Fury 3 JP, Gan Gan JP (bought from JGN) Art of Fighting 3 and Double Dragon (bought from eBay, I believe these are genuine SNK MVS carts.) I will include JROK RGB to NTSC converter (v3.1) for free! (over $80...