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  1. Fredscape

    En toen was het stil

    Of heb ik een filtertje aan staan op alle posts in dit gedeelte?
  2. Fredscape

    Arcade a Milano?

    Ciao, I just moved to Monza a few months ago and am wondering if there are any arcades in the neighbourhoud? So far I have not found 1 single machine to play here or in Milao so maybe I need to look better :) anyone have any tips or know any places to go if I want to buy games or a cab here...
  3. Fredscape


    I`m looking for some large stickers to convert my cab into something more Neo`esk then it is now. Willing to trade or buy from you guys. Advise is also welcome on how to properly make it Neo worthy :) Cheers!
  4. Fredscape

    WTB/T AOF Moves sticker

    Hi guys, I just bought a AOF kit but it has a missing moves sticker. Anyone has a spare one they want to sell or trade?? Thanks!! (little update I said Aof2 but it just plain Aof :))
  5. Fredscape

    Neo-Geo sticker

    I`m looking for a big neo-geo sticker. I`ve got one that is square white background and has neo-geo all over it in diffrent sizes and shapes. If anyone else has one similair to it I`m interested. Ofcourse also interested in any other Neo-Geo stickers you might have! thanks!
  6. Fredscape

    FS/FT hyper 64 board rev.1

    I`ve got an unused hyper 64 board rev.1 laying around gathering dust. Opened the box it was sent in to me once to check it but never got round to installing it.... will take a trade for mvs stuff or just plain hard cashhhh anyone interested just shoot me a pm or mail! thanks!
  7. Fredscape

    [Magical drop 3 MVS] found one

    thanks for all your offers guys but I found one! I`m looking for a nice MD3. No preference for Japanese or US just as long as it is in some kind of reasonable condition and affordable ;) I can pay with paypal or if if you might need some desperately: shockbox inserts. ;) shoot me a PM...
  8. Fredscape

    WTT:shockbox inserts 4 artwork

    WTT:shockbox inserts for artwork or mvs Hi guys, I`m just looking for some new artwork (stickers flyers mini marquees whatever) and mvs carts to update my collection. So if you are looking for a trade for some shockbox inserts printed high quality just leave me a PM. If you have anything else...
  9. Fredscape

    H64 sound question

    Just got myself a nice h64 rev.2 setup with some games but the thing is that the sound is really soft. I have a mono cab but can`t imagine that the sound would be this soft just because of that. Do I need to add another speaker and make my baby stereo in order to get some decent sound of is...
  10. Fredscape

    *SOLVED* league Bwoling insert problem

    Hi, I downloaded a league bowling insert but it`s in 3 eps parts, is there anyone that has the insert in one piece or can combine the 3 for me to get a nice and pretty insert ?? :glee: I would be very gratefull if you could, thanks!!!
  11. Fredscape

    Rotphungte << Incrediseller>>

    Once again our good friend ROT surpassed himself with his packing skills. I got a bizarre well packaged kit sent my way that took at least 10 minutes to fully unpack:) I`m almost ashamed of the poor package I sent him in return. No better still: I am ashamed, so hereby my deepest apologies to...
  12. Fredscape

    Power on rev. 1

    Just got my H64 rev1 in and saw that the powercord was cut off at one side :( would it still be possible to hook it up without much hassle? I now have 4 loose wires that have to go somewhere (to be honest I did not check yet how to hook it up in my cab :glee: ). As for the extra 5 volts that...
  13. Fredscape

    Hyper 64 games

    H64 games,artwork, posters or mvs kit extras wanted You have any hyper 64 games you need to get rid of? I want them :D Also looking for cool artwork or posters or mvs kit extras you need to get rid of, so come on and sell `em to me guys (and girls ) just shoot me a pm or mail with...
  14. Fredscape

    another piece of monitor help needed

    Let me be the next to need some monitor help :) I`m trying to unplug this baby: BUT it won`t come loose. Tried removing it by pulling it to all sides but the bastard won`t move. Don`t have that much grip so maybe I need to pull harder . Question is though: anybody done this before? and...
  15. Fredscape

    creditled wanted

    Hi, I`m looking for an extra creditled for my cab. Only got one at tme moment and it`s feeling a bit lonely. Does not need to be an original one becasue I don`t have a original cab, so if you have one (incl cable) lying around you know how to reach me :p Thanks!
  16. Fredscape

    Is it me...

    or is everybody on holiday?? seems like the number of posts has gone down a bit. Could be that I have been spending more time here than usual but I sense a bit of a post drop on all fronts. I`ll await reactions to confirm my thoughts :)
  17. Fredscape

    Looking for scans

    As I`m doing a little project involving the MVS inserts I wonder where everybody got their (front) scans from. I want to redo all the inserts I have/need according to 1 template so all my spines and fronts have the same size and position. Because of the fact that most inserts have the meg...
  18. Fredscape

    Opera problem

    Opera problem [solved] Just hooked myself up with Opera and it`s just what I need but I have one problem so far: This forum :) In internet explorer I have a readable color set, but in Opera it`s purple text against a black background and that`s just not acceptable .... Is this a thing I will...
  19. Fredscape

    More crimp questions

    So I finally have the crimp connectors I wanted but now the big question: how do I properly attach wire to them? As the end of the connector is hard plastic I don`t think heating that part up hoping it will shrink and hold my wire will be the answer I`m looking for... Do they need a little...
  20. Fredscape

    how about a beard?

    Anyone here got a beard? want one? <a href="" target="_blank">click here for a nice beard</a> read the text and be amazed :)