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  1. iluvmonsterz

    zero gunner 2 or under defeat?

    been playing these pretty steadily as of late but I end up playing way more zero gunner. I haven't delved into the scoring systems much on either but zg seems more "dynamic" as far as game play goes while ud seems more slow and plodding? im not sure if this attributed to the scoring mechanics or...
  2. iluvmonsterz

    got sweet toys? sell 'em to me!

    well actually you'd be sellin em to heather. she is currently on the hunt for these kinds of items. anything hulk. anything bumble bee. any studio ghibli merch. horror toys. living dead dolls. or anything cool.....shoot us a pm with pics!!!
  3. iluvmonsterz

    anyone playing that new skylanders game?

    so the old lady is fully addicted to this gimmick of a does seem to have a decent amount of shit to do and collect and such. any of you guys playing/buying the figures(she's into me for bout 200.00 on this game already)? i figured i 'd start up a thread for her inevitable questions...
  4. iluvmonsterz

    halloween invite suggestions?????

    every year we do a halloween bash and i paint up a shitty little invitation, this year i procrastinated waaaaay to long and now i m stuck on the background of this pic.....any ideas? suggestions on improvements are welcomed as well. keep in mind i 'm no professional on photo shop or corel(i...
  5. iluvmonsterz

    WTB harvest moon snes complete

    if you have it shoot me a pm with what youre looking to get for it.
  6. iluvmonsterz

    help me finish my console shmups collection!!!!

    working on finishing up 360,saturn,psp, and dc shmups so....if you gots em and wants to part with em shoot me a pm with prices!! i d like to get em a bit cheaper than evilbay.....payment will be paypal or trade for random crap you may want. just let me know! PSP: darius burst strikers 1945 plus...
  7. iluvmonsterz

    trouble witches

    anyone pick this up? i m about to sit down with it for a bit and wondered if anyone has any particular strategies? looks very cutesie...which i sorta dig every once in awhile.
  8. iluvmonsterz

    WTB; Muchi Muchi pork 360

    anyone willing to part with this for a reasonable sum of money? or trade i gots lotsa stuff!!!! thanks guys and gal!!!
  9. iluvmonsterz

    apple ipad 3g 64 gig for sale or trade

    like new with box and all inserts(NO scratches scuffs or cosmetic wear). looking for around 600.00. will take cash and trades preferrably shmups, shmups related stuff or rarer hard to find rpgs. i m not really looking for games that can be had at the local gamestop so those offers will be...
  10. iluvmonsterz

    FS FT; fable 3 limited collectors ed. lower price!!

    like new, complete, codes have not been downloaded....70.00....or trade for shooties!!!!!!
  11. iluvmonsterz

    hey canadians!!! WTB slither bluray

    could one of you canadian fellas snag this for me? i d pay a bit extra or trade ya some gaming type stoof for your time.....thanks guys!!!
  12. iluvmonsterz

    wacom intuos 3 4x6 intrest check?

    figured i d see if anyone here wants it before i ebay it so i can buy the "big" intuos tablet. has its box, pad itself has a few decorative stickers but is otherwise pristine. mouse seems to have some of the rubberized side peeling... any reasonable offer will proly be accepted!!!
  13. iluvmonsterz

    early mushi pin up

    REAL early colors....not so sure about this pic...
  14. iluvmonsterz

    WTB original xbox running mame

    all i need is the console. preferrably with some roms...anyone with one PM me and we can talk about a price. thanks!!!!
  15. iluvmonsterz


    sorry wrong place
  16. iluvmonsterz

    anyone have secondary gaming rigs????

    with a fiance who plays as many games(and honestly spends more time on them) i have to resort to building multiple gaming stations at my house...this is the rig i just put together in my came out fairly decent. monitors;23 inch acer v223w vga connected to a jpn DC. 27 inch dell...
  17. iluvmonsterz

    FS; more N64 SNES and DS GBA.. some hard to find stuff...

    all items make an offer!!! pm for any details or extra pics you need!!! ZElda ocarina of time colletors edition MINT!! (bought new by me) indiana jones - complete rental stickers yoshis story complete no manual starwars rogue squadron- complete minty( i bought it new) diddy kong racing-complete...
  18. iluvmonsterz

    vert lines in my mvs monitor...

    i ve been cleaning the front of my cab and pulled the glass and such....i decided to play alittle strikers with the tinted glass out to see if i wanted to go with some clear glass and noticed three vertical lines on the right side of my monitor. they are of varying distances from one another and...
  19. iluvmonsterz

    should the glass in my mvs cab be tinted?

    pulled the glass to clean it today and noticed it was this the norm?
  20. iluvmonsterz

    strike witches?

    been watching the anime a bit and thought it might be fun to play the game...anyone have this? is it any good at all? please dont comment if you dont actually own the game...i have seen the vids of it so i want to know how it plays. thnx!!!