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  1. Zero Satori

    Lance Armstrong stripped of all Tour titles and banned for life

    Somehow, I really wanna believe that you're wrong in saying something like this, but during this whole fiasco of the last week--with the media going wild waiting for Oprah and Armstrong to chat--I think we've all known that it's just one more step in Lance Armstrong's path to his own self-judged...
  2. Zero Satori

    New market for Tonk?

  3. Zero Satori

    Visit Detroit at your own risk, police union warns

    Maybe I'm not exactly well-educated on this topic, but I thought that the traditional responce to a police department's insufficiency in times of high rates of crime was for the government to announce emergency and request the state or federal government's assistance in the appearance of the...
  4. Zero Satori

    Awesome fighters that never got the credit they deserved

    Well, just don't expect that from Libyan people nowadays.
  5. Zero Satori

    Texas Police Arrest 77 Year Old for Refusing to Show ID

    Well, at least you didn't pull what this old lady tried to do and tell the cop "Hey, I was going fast because I'm carrying a bag of marijuana and I'm not planning on getting caught, got it?".
  6. Zero Satori

    Anybody else collect Udon art books

    I wasn't aware that professional fan-art was suddenly a respectable business.
  7. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    I feel like I need to give the true credit for this to our good friend Takumaji for posting this clip in Segata_Sanshiro's "None of this is real!" thread. qZC_v6BRWPM Truth be told, I ended-up watching it four times in a row, probably because I think I'm in-love with William Shatner, Leonard...
  8. Zero Satori

    Nintendo Power shuts down after 24 years.

    Your trolling seems to continue rising in quality, LoneSage.
  9. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    Sorry about that, Sanshiro. For those who are looking for the thread he started, here's the link.
  10. Zero Satori

    Tony Scott commited sucide

    Well, I guess I can at-least be thankful that his suicide prevents this from happening.
  11. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    Best Star Trek Video Games? Alright, we all know that, like most licensed video game series, Star Trek doesn't exactly have the greatest quality when it comes to interactive entertainment. Nevertheless, its continued popularity, of course, means that there have been TONNES of Star Trek games...
  12. Zero Satori

    OnLive is the New Dreamcast

    Not that the news is exactly surprising, but what really took me off guard was some of the things that the article's writer said regarding OnLive: Uh... really? "Upside down"? Are tech-aficionados really that willing to believe that new ideas are going to out-wit established methods? Again, a...
  13. Zero Satori

    "Speed of light is masculine?"

    Absolutely full of shit, not for the least reason that the French word for "speed" is "vitesse"--an inherently feminine word. If Msle. Irigaray needs more argument than that, perhaps she studied too much science and not enough linguistics in school.
  14. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread It has episodes from the first season, which is the only season worth watching because Sheridan is a wuss and a diplomatic dumbass. Once Sinclair left, the whole place went to hell; you could say that there was a hole in Babylon 5's mind after that.
  15. Zero Satori

    Total Recall - The Perfect Arnold Movie?

    Okay, let's get one thing straight: Schwarzenegger was in Batman & Robin which didn't get the benefit of having Jim Carrey supporting a weaker character. Had those two guys been in one movie and Tommy Lee Jones and Uma Thurman in the other, at least one of 'em would've been good. And yes...
  16. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    For a while, I also wished that she hadn't quit, but going back and watching some of the episodes from the first season really shows that the writers didn't know what the hell to do with her. She was always standing in the background (despite being the Security Chief) and La Forge and Data got...
  17. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    Just as a suggestion (if one is considering skipping-about Enterprise): I found that every episode with Andorians drove me wild; the relationship between Johnathan "I'm a good guy but I have to do bad things" Archer and a race of "I don't care about anyone else but I'm not completely sadistic"...
  18. Zero Satori

    Gunman in Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting named: Wade Michael Page, 40

    I suppose that the proper anti-"Bush Imperialist" response is that the United States government effectively taught this guy how to use a firearm with murderous efficiency. Slap that in juxtaposition with people who are both pro-firearms and pro-military, and what is their retort?
  19. Zero Satori

    OFFICIAL Star Trek Thread

    I'm interested in what you have to say about Star Trek: Fleet Captains, Lagduf, because my local game store has continued to stock the game while ending their replenishments of Star Fleet Battles and Federation & Empire. Clearly, something must be going right with this, but... is it just a...
  20. Zero Satori

    London LOLympics, the thread

    Didn't some female Judoka claim that the person who threw that bottle is someone she defeated in the past?