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  1. Malone

    Who plays League of Legends?

    I have only just started playing LoL so I am a complete newb....feel free to add me Mal0ne.
  2. Malone

    MVS for sale PLUS!!!! Prices reduced TWICE !!!!!

    Payment sent Blazing Star Kit.
  3. Malone

    WTB: SS5 Special MVS & AES

    WTB Samurai Shodown Special fixed & unfixed for AES and MVS full kit only. PM if you have one for sale.
  4. Malone

    If You Could Have Any 20 Neo-Geo Games Pre-Loaded Onto The Neo-Geo X, What Would They Be?

    1.MOTW 2.SVC 3.KOF 99 4.Samurai Shodown 2 5.Samurai Shodown 5 6.Blazing Star 7.Metal Slug 5 8.Metal Slug 3 9.Pulstar 10.Last Blade 2 11.Ninja Masters 12.Last Blade 2 13.Windjammers 14.KOF 2003 15.Shock Troopers 16. Shock Troopers 2 17.Gunlord 18.KOF 2000 19.Magical Drop III 20.Rage Of Dragons
  5. Malone

    PSN: Compiled List (v1.0)

    audemars01 add me :D
  6. Malone

    Diablo 3

    Nice build.. Here is my main, although I have been playing more now on HC. Build
  7. Malone

    Neo Geo X Gold System details and price announced!

    I am on the fence if I should buy a Neo Geo X or not.... Now some have you received it what are owner’s opinions’s take the plunge or give it a miss?
  8. Malone

    WTB Ninja Masters US AES

    Here are some higher rez pictures of the game.
  9. Malone

    WTB Ninja Masters US AES

    I did buy it blindly... but only after recommendation from some of the forum members here and their advice on ckchan being a very reputable seller.
  10. Malone

    WTB Ninja Masters US AES

    Thanks, I ended up buying this copy.
  11. Malone

    Diablo 3

    Do most here play on softcore or hardcore mode?
  12. Malone

    WTB Ninja Masters US AES

    I know its not an easy game to find but ill try my luck WTB Ninja Masters US AES mint condition, Must have feedback/ref.
  13. Malone

    WTB MVS Full Kits/AES US list of games looking for inside

    Just got back into collecting and looking for the below games please pm me of you want to sell MVS Full Kits must be matching serials MOTW KOF 96,97,98,99,2000,2001,2002 Metal slug 1,2,3,4,5 Windjammers Shock troopers SS 1,2,3,4,5 AES US must be mint Kof 96,97,98,99,2001,2002,2003 Metal...
  14. Malone

    WTB MVS Kits

    Looking to buy these kits must be matching serials!! Garou Mark of the wolves (will pay £££ because I'm stupid :D) Kof 94,96,97,98,2000,2001 Sam Showdown 1,2,3,4 Matrimelee PM me :)
  15. Malone

    What Tv to play Neo

    Thans for the tips, trying to track down a decent CRT isnt going to be easy!! Does anyone know what small sized LCD play neo games ok? My monitor = Fail!!
  16. Malone

    What Tv to play Neo

    How about this?
  17. Malone

    What Tv to play Neo

    ok so CRT is the way forward!! Which brand is best to go with? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question I just want to make sure I buy the right one! I thought my pc monitor would run my neo geo but its seriously struggling with it :( Time to buy a new TV :D
  18. Malone

    What Tv to play Neo

    What is the best type of TV to play neo games on CRT or LCD?