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    What do you dooo

    Career Bartender. Or as I lovingly refer to it as: “Child Development”.
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    Are you an SNK fan or a neogeo fan?

    Saw/played “Beast Busters” at a Yellow Brick Road arcade circa 1989 as a kid and was hooked for life. Remarkable how much impact that game had on my impressionable 8-year old psyche. Of course was relatively familiar with Ikari Warriors and the like, but for me personally, pre-Neo era SNK was...
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    Games on other arcade hardware that feels like neogeo

    Could probably think of dozens but the two that immediately come to mind are “Night Slashers”, from Data East when they were at their early-mid nineties prime. Picture SNK’s Beast Busters but as a beat-em’ up. Just has that great deep color palette and spritework that screams Neo. Also a...
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    Neo Geo's best examples of games in given genres…

    Alright. We talking in terms of our “personal” Top Five or like “most bang for your buck”? If i’m having this same conversation with someone thats never heard of nor had any prior interaction with a Neo, firstly i’d tell them to get a second job, then i’d likely point them to a different series...
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    web site with AES box art?

    Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not...
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    Which Neo Geo AES box protectors are the best these days?

    Normally I would say store them in a cabinet with a tinted glass door, but then you just have to go to the trouble of finding an acrylic case large enough to protect the cabinet.