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  1. Rig

    Mega Drive Model 1 power switch...

    Retro Game Cave makes amazing PSU's for older consoles. They have this: They also make a Duo and Trio to use one brick to power a Mega Drive with CD and/or 32X. Works great.
  2. Rig

    POLL: How do you store your MVS carts?

    Most of my early purchases included Shockboxes. Then, I did some trades/sales and got more Shockboxes. Near the end of grabbing carts, I had several purchases that were loose. Never got boxes for those, so my collection is fairly split.
  3. Rig

    Had a baby and want to sell my collection. Tips? Relatively updated price guide.
  4. Rig

    The struggle to not cash in on Neo Geo AES consoles and games..

    I don't have an AES, but I have an MVS and 30+ games. Then, there's 30+ consoles and 1000+ videogames in the rest of the collection. I've considered tossing it, once or twice. Hell, 99% of it is in storage in a home that I don't live in! Still, I don't *need* the money. If my wife or child...
  5. Rig

    Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV service menu Tips, Tricks and settings suggestions

    A bit of an old thread bump. But, I got a fix for this! In case anybody else comes across this issue!
  6. Rig

    GameCube component cables WTF?

    Actually, that's a great way of thinking about it! :)
  7. Rig

    GameCube component cables WTF?

    A coworker gave me a box of his "eBay stuff to sell" when he was moving. Said to keep any/all the profits, since it was going to be a bit of work. Made around $300, after fees. I finally bit the bullet, and watched auctions for a few weeks. Got the component for $200. It actually just...
  8. Rig

    CRT Fetish Thread

    I've never run across a PVM in the wild. Would love to see/have one cheap. I recently grabbed a Sony Trinitron KV-36XBR450 for free off Craigslist. What a beast (around 240#) of a TV! I wish I knew of a CRT repair person/place near me. Small town/area, so there's no chance of it...
  9. Rig

    Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV service menu Tips, Tricks and settings suggestions

    This thread is great. Very informative. Question hopefully someone can answer. I just got my first Trinitron: a KV-36XBR450. A hulking beast of a TV! I've hooked up three game consoles to it: N64, PS1, and a Wii. The PS1 and N64 are composite, and the screen scrolls and bounces around. I...
  10. Rig

    Does MSX MVS has non holo label ?

    Was the OP able to get a refund? Did the dispute go through?
  11. Rig

    27" RGB Trinitron in Rochester, NY

    Been on the hunt for months now for a good (cheap) Trinitron... :/ Can't believe nobody has scooped that yet.
  12. Rig

    Japan trip, what should I look out for?

    Their UFO Catchers are amazing...especially if you're great at standard claw machines. You can really get some awesome stuff in those. Book-Off is where I found my best deals, but that was way back in 2010.
  13. Rig

    Midwest Gaming Classic

    I'm not active here, but, I'll be there with several friends. 5th or 6th MGC for me.
  14. Rig

    US King of Fighters 2002 AES
  15. Rig

    Too much expensive shit

    All retro in general is getting bad. There was one time, in college, when I decided to post up/sell my ENTIRE game collection. Then, it was probably 700-ish items. And I sold maybe 20 things. Each time though, I'd think about where/why/how I bought it, and, I eventually stopped selling...
  16. Rig

    Midwest Gaming Classic

    I make a trip up to WI every few months or so to get Spotted Cow. This will be the third year for my friend and I heading up. Was nice having room to wander around in the tents and shop...but I think MGC really has outgrown the hotel.
  17. Rig

    SNKP shows interest in releasing Samurai Spirits Zero Special on console for the 1st time

    Already have Garou and LB2 on MVS. (And Garou on DC.) Would love to see SSVS. I've never played that and it has not found a port before.
  18. Rig

    PayPal now allows Buyers to file Disputes from 45 days to 180 days starting in 29 January

    Like Xavier said, this doesn't matter. Buyer will just claim the item was not as described, open a case, and eBay will side with them (even if you say "no returns/ho refunds/item as is). You'll have to refund and they'll either grab your funds to pay the buyer or they'll take your PayPal...
  19. Rig

    PayPal now allows Buyers to file Disputes from 45 days to 180 days starting in 29 January

    PayPal (eBay) is such a shitty company. Absolutely terrible change. I think this means I'm 100% done with the pair for selling anything. (Usually only sell stuff I can't get rid of via Craigslist.)
  20. Rig

    IC: Neo Candy 29 WITH 2L12B CP in Chicago

    Pictures, please? I live an hour or so south of Naperville.