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  1. Bratwurst

    Graphic Design for an Imaginary MVS NG/arcade console

    How may I assist you fine gentlemen?
  2. Bratwurst

    Need help Identifying Garou MotW Towel

    I know for a fact that Vectorman flossed his cheeks with that thing. I regret loaning him a shirt of mine, came back looking like he tie-dyed it with mustard.
  3. Bratwurst

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Someday, my love.
  4. Bratwurst

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Those are some buttcheek digging fingers.
  5. Bratwurst

    Neo n00b here, plz be gentle

    We're one big family here, and often interact cross-community with other Neo Geo enthusiast pockets. Let me know your Facebook account and I'll add you to the special group.
  6. Bratwurst

    reproduction "old style" AES controllers from china (aliexpress)

    They're dogshit, stay away from them. Someone had me 'upgrade' theirs with Seimitsu 24mm buttons and the joystick itself was terrible. That's exactly what these are.
  7. Bratwurst

    Where can you get replacement poly box inserts?

    Work's been spreading me like a fine paste of deviled ham. Still I desire to honor this forum.
  8. Bratwurst

    If you could only Pick one Ahhnold Movie, what would it be?

    I must echo what so many others have said, Predator is the best, with Total Recall a close second. Total Recall's phenomenal with the tri-titty and Kuato but some of the special effects don't hold up like Predator's has. That scene where Arnold's pulling out a tracker boogie is hilarious but...
  9. Bratwurst

    Where can you get replacement poly box inserts?

    Listen to lachlan and just cut a block of foam to shape. I wouldn't even bother cutting compartments, why the fuck do you want to store video game shit in styrofoam?
  10. Bratwurst

    How Many Robot Masters Did Dr. Wily Actaully Create?

    Why didn't he make a robot lined with those instant-kill spikes? He could have called it Hug Man so that the spikes weren't even its main 'weapon,' so on the off chance that Megaman did beat him all he could do is hug other robots like an idiot.
  11. Bratwurst

    Johnny Depp... vs The Sun... vs Amber Heard....

    The only thing I know is that Depp called her Amber Turd because she apparently shit their bed and had a maid clean it up.
  12. Bratwurst

    Arcade Lightguns with RGB encoders

    I think I read somewhere that some arcade lightguns worked best with the blue signal over the other two colors, as in this was a matter of adjusting for that color for the sensor to work. Would have thought it would be purely a black and white thing dealing with sync.
  13. Bratwurst

    Resin printing

    If I need something that the FDM printer can't handle I get a SLA print through Shapeways or some other commercial service. You have to be certain of the design/dimensions if you do this because it can be expensive to make a mistake or find yourself doing it over, but right now for me it's worth...
  14. Bratwurst

    161 in 1 version 2?

    Good to know there is a distinction when SD media is used or not.
  15. Bratwurst

    161 in 1 version 2?

    Has anyone desoldered the chips and dumped them to see what's going on in there? I assume they're mostly roms daisychained together. Can't do much without a photo. Bring me his face! The only reservation I have about the multicarts is that 3.3v flash is used when the system is designed around...
  16. Bratwurst

    Expanding foam...

    Expanding foam has toluene and other nasty chemicals in it which you don't want to leave on PCBs for the most part, would be best to just use rubber feet or washers in strategic places.
  17. Bratwurst

    Why haven't homebrew devs done a Beat 'em up yet?

    Yeah it's a passion project for sure, but some homebrew/modern releases for past consoles have made it onto Steam packaged with emulators and that's the way to go. Rikki and Vikki is a fucking fantastic Atari 7800 game but few people own that system. To retread what others have said on the...
  18. Bratwurst

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Speculatively envisioning Ultra 4th Gen's tramp stamp.
  19. Bratwurst

    Gross foot pic soured my OfferUp purchase

    Looks like he's in a wheelchair from the other pictures and has limited mobility. Probably uses those feet to manipulate all kinds of shit around his domicile.