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  1. Teddy KGB

    Good bye VBulletin -> Hello XenForo Old thread but seems that at least on xf2.0 or higher it may be possible with some nuance. Add-on with permission settings for the use animated gif...
  2. Teddy KGB

    Holy shit I missed you guys!
  3. Teddy KGB

    Your vehicle brand of choice?

    You have seen it... albeit a different pipe perhaps.
  4. Teddy KGB

    Your vehicle brand of choice?

    Plane ticket to Stuttgart to see me pick it up in May.
  5. Teddy KGB

    Your vehicle brand of choice?

  6. Teddy KGB

    Official A/V Thread

    Long time no see, folks. Back in January I picked up a Schiit Jotunheim headphone amp / pre-amp + their integrated balanced DAC module. I needed something minimalist for my desk in my home office but also something that could double-up as a pre-amp to my Bryston 2B LP, which is powering a couple...
  7. Teddy KGB

    WTB: Famicom stick XE-pro FC or the ASCII (the metal one) preferred

    Thanks for the pics, Dan! Would love to find a stateside seller before I YAJ it. ;)
  8. Teddy KGB

    WTB: Famicom stick XE-pro FC or the ASCII (the metal one) preferred

    Title says it all. Thanks!
  9. Teddy KGB

    SECRET SANTA 2016!!! :D

    Going to sit this one out as I've been MIA so much this year... just wouldn't feel right. Enjoy the holidays fellas.
  10. Teddy KGB

    AES Games FS. New one will appear when the last one is sold. No Liquid Snakes allowed.

    Never sell your LB2. If you do, I want to smell it one more time.
  11. Teddy KGB

    My Neo Stuff

    Such an AEShole now. :D
  12. Teddy KGB

    MVS & AES NEOSD flash card... AES Version ANNOUNCED & AVAILABLE!!

    Teddy like. Thanks for the thorough testing, Raz.
  13. Teddy KGB

    Lost Neo Geo Prototype FOUND, REVEALED & RELEASED : "DarkSeed"

    As I mentioned to ya earlier, great find Brian and glad it was you that found it. PS - <3 this...
  14. Teddy KGB

    The Comic Book Thread

    Ha, awesome. Less than a week away, this kinda snuck up on me. Pumped to see Ed Brubaker (one of my faves). He will be at the Image booth Thurs/Fri. Edit - lol, didn't realize you had your screen name changed. See ya Thurs @ SFO.
  15. Teddy KGB


    Word. +1 for A-T. Have had a pair of their noise cancellation headphones for years for biz trips and whatnot and most recently picked up their ATH-M50x last year. Great performance and value at that price point.
  16. Teddy KGB

    Free DC Comics movies/tv shows (UV digital copies)

    I don't have time to camp out on this thread (dammit!) but wouldn't mind a shot at some point so I've just favorited the thread. PS - lmk if cdizzle "backs out" of his freebies. Haha.
  17. Teddy KGB

    JNX GOTW AKA Testers Needed*FOUND*

    Ha. Looks like I'm a little late. Glad to help any time though, James.
  18. Teddy KGB

    WTB - AES System Neo Stuff Etc - MiceDike's WTB

    RIP boo boo. :crying:
  19. Teddy KGB

    WTB: E2 Bezel

    Yeah that radius cut dimension is definitely off. I recall seeing it at your place and it seemed more off than your pics indicate.