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  1. Dominance9

    Graphical glitches in Metal Slugs

    Probably a dumb question but how do you do that? I also have a few AES games that have also have some graphical glitches and I have cleaned the piss out out of them and also the connector on the system with dexoit a few times. Nothing seems to help, Im at the point of trying another system...
  2. Dominance9

    Offical Omega CMVS Tech Support Thread

    Yikes, it might be somewhere, but I honestly have no idea where. I'll take a look. Do you know if any other system cable works on the omega?
  3. Dominance9

    Offical Omega CMVS Tech Support Thread

    New problem with my Omega, hopefully someone can chime in here: I had my Omega hooked up to my ossc via component cable for about 2 years and everything was fine. But out of no where, it started loosing sync a few months ago. I messed around with some ossc settings but couldnt get it it sync...
  4. Dominance9

    Sony WEGA Trinitron CRT TV service menu Tips, Tricks and settings suggestions

    Praise to op for posting and saving this, this has been a lifesaver for my monster. I can’t get it perfect but it is certainly a lot better. My menu has so many options not listed though, would love to know what they all are. It’s a kv-36xbr800 , if there is a more detailed menu description out...
  5. Dominance9

    Mint copy of Super Mario Bros. sells for $100,150

    The only thing needed to hurt the retro game market is a few major or even semi-serious collectors getting out at the same time. You can already see examples of this on ebay when there is a few of the same "rare" games on auction at the same time. They generally will not sell nearly as high as...
  6. Dominance9

    Some Homecarts for Sale/Trade

    Pmed, yesterday
  7. Dominance9

    Cap America PCB + Jamma Adapter on neo candy cab = super hot?

    Yep, everything else is aok and anything else I try is fine. I still haven't tried that pcb again, my only other thought is to pop it in another jamma cab and see what happens.
  8. Dominance9

    Cap America PCB + Jamma Adapter on neo candy cab = super hot?

    I just picked up a Captain America and the Avengers PCB and went to play it for the first time on my neo candy cab using the JNX Jamma adapter. I play all of my bare pcbs on this set up. But first time I booted it, I got good video but no sound, just some crackles. I got nervous turned it off...
  9. Dominance9

    Whats the first arcade machine or game you ever got?

    Area 51 site 4, my first dedicated cab, and least favorite game I currently own. (No reloading oddly ruins this game for me)
  10. Dominance9

    Boxed Neo Geo Shop Sign

    So about $1,870 USD. Given where lighted (original) game signs have gone in value, seems about right.
  11. Dominance9

    Give Away Riding Hero AES

    I dont have it, count me in please thanks :)
  12. Dominance9

    WTB: C-Board for MERCS CPS-1 PCB

    Im having a sync problem with my Mercs board and was told its probably the C-Board. Does anyone have a extra good C-Board that will work on this they could sell me?
  13. Dominance9

    Pandoras Box 5

    Same here, I find it amazingly annoying to the point I dont bother playing it. My hacked original Xbox with coin ops emulates games better.
  14. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Nice If anyone see's it for sale please post where, thanks
  15. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Yep I seen, thats why I was asking if there is any way to tell which are cga or not (I have a pink 4s w/ VGA / HDMI that said it should be CGA but its not) Mine has no identifying marks on the case, on the original box it was shipped in it says: moonlight box 4S 800. Otherwise its very generic.
  16. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Damn didnt even know those were coming out. I take it the jamma one going to be normal cga out?
  17. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Hmm weird, so hdmi does not rule out cga it appears. Is there a good way to locate a 4s with cga, Or a good alternative instead? I was just looking at this one here...
  18. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Good to know thanks! Guess I'll try again and avoid that. Is there a "best" non hdmi model to get then? (like the most games / best emulation?)
  19. Dominance9

    Pandora Box 3 Multi-Game 520-1 PCB

    Does anyone know which pandoras boxes work on CGA / CRT, for sure. I bought a 4s not too long ago, the listing said it will work for CGA/CRT, but it didnt..well not right at least. It gave the multiplied / overlapping screen. (if it matters Im using the JNX adapter in my candy cab). Worked fine...
  20. Dominance9

    Star Trek: Discovery

    Really enjoying the Orville as well. Thought it would be funnier but that's ok, keeps the stories engaging and not "spoofy".