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  1. fatal fury fan #2

    Mario party 8 coming next month

    anyone going to pick this up?? hope the mini games are as fun as WW:smooth moves :multi_co: :D comes out march 6th :multi_co:
  2. fatal fury fan #2

    Tim and Eric awesome show! great job?

    did anyone see it on adult swim tonight?? it was ok, pretty werid stuff going on there :spock: TGTTM>new stuff
  3. fatal fury fan #2

    too much stuff sale!!

    I have gone though things and saw that I don't use alot of the stuff. updates will be posted offten :multi_co: here is a few stuff I'm ready to sell now US gamecube (black) no contollers, all the cables and hook-ups, GBA player w/disk give me a offer. ps2 games Auto modellista- everything...
  4. fatal fury fan #2

    Tattoo Thread

    tattoo, whos got one/some I'm thinking of going out this weekend and get some ink done. I was going to see whos got one/some. also post your stories on how you came to pick one and how did it go. thinking about getting the logo in the middle on the new zelda box for t.p
  5. fatal fury fan #2

    Whats on your Wii hardrive?

    what games have you downloaded from the wii online store?? I got mario bros. and bomberman 93 which games are good? I still got 900 points
  6. fatal fury fan #2

    wii problem, need help

    got my wii 4 days ago and yesterday the wii-mote wasn't able to find the system soo I can't even play the wii at all! anyone have the problem?? tips anyone?:conf:
  7. fatal fury fan #2

    WTB: wii system and games

    sell me a wii! looking for one under 300, if anyone is nice enough :cool: pm with info if you have one. also need some games for the wii. give me a list on what you got and I will take some off your hands :drool::drool_2: :back: :forw: :back: :forw: :C:
  8. fatal fury fan #2

    Russia may ban release of `Borat' film

    MOSCOW - "Borat" may be banned in Russia. ADVERTISEMENT A government agency said it would refuse to grant permission for Sacha Baron Cohen's controversial comedy "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" to be shown in theaters in...
  9. fatal fury fan #2

    another George Romero remake

    Day of the Dead is being remade and will be coming out sometime next year what do you have to say about this? nan or yay?:conf:
  10. fatal fury fan #2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

    the movie came out tonight, did anyone go see it? I'm going to see it tomorrow but would like a heads up from people who got to see it tonight.
  11. fatal fury fan #2

    8 hours left on KOF NW

    8 hours left on a PS2 Kof NW
  12. fatal fury fan #2


    was really a "LOL" moive :buttrock: I just got back from watching it and it was pretty damn good! anyone else going to see it??
  13. fatal fury fan #2

    American Hardcore Generally unheralded at the time, the early 1980s hardcore punk rock scene gave birth to much of the rock music and culture that followed. There would be no Nirvana, Beastie Boys or Red Hot Chili Peppers were it not for hardcore...
  14. fatal fury fan #2

    has anyone seen click yet?

    pretty good moive, liked it alot and wanted to see what you guys have to say about it.
  15. fatal fury fan #2


    sucked, IMO it was drag on to long. did anyone see it yesterday??
  16. fatal fury fan #2

    GC/GBA/DS must own games

    sorry if there was a thread about this topic already, but I want to playing my cube again and wanted to see what are some good games I should pick up. about the GBA/DS I'll soon be getting the DS lite so want to see what are some must own games for the GBA/DS
  17. fatal fury fan #2

    the DS?

    can the Us DS play jap games??
  18. fatal fury fan #2

    Warped Tour 2006

    the frist show of this years wapred tour is a little over than a month from now and I wanted to see whos going this year. what bands are you wanting to see??
  19. fatal fury fan #2

    WTB super neo 29 Power Supply

    looking to buy a Power Supply for my cab. got money ready, so plz help me out
  20. fatal fury fan #2

    swtiching bottons on a candy cab

    how do I take off the outer ring off the stock super neo 29 bottons??? I'm trying to switch them out for snap on ones but can't get the stock ones out. any help??? :help: