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  1. kingau

    Igs pgm motherboard no red signal

    HI every one , I have a Igs pgm motherboard and when I plug it in... it works but there is no red signal. its not the jamma connector and I looked over the board and I can't find any broken traces. thanks in advance
  2. kingau

    How Hard is it to make an orignal msv cart or jamma pcb board?

    I was wondering with the modern technology we have today.. is it easy to make an original game? by the way the reason I ask is because I would like to make an original game for the mvs or a jamma pcb and wonder if it's easy to do. thanks in advance
  3. kingau

    Win A Metal Slug 2 Boot... yes A Boot

    Hi everyone I have A Metal Slug 2 boot and it can be yours!!!!!! I made a mistake so now you can win this .....boot the rules are no dirty jokes no racist jokes post a funny joke or a funny pic. you get 3 try!!!! the funniest wins post for the funny joke or pic you like and they...
  4. kingau

    MVS Carts Sale

    Please delete
  5. kingau

    Arcade stuff for sale

    Please delete
  6. kingau

    FS: pcb and more!!!!

    Hi everyone I have these boards for sale, all prices are in US$ with shipping included. Payment via PayPal gift (or add 4% if as goods) CPS2 Super Street Fighter II X: Grand Master Challenge green board bat change 7/13 . -sold sega naomi with WWF Royal Rumble -$100 sega naomi...
  7. kingau

    WTB- Sega Blast City Instruction Cover Glass

    I just got a blast city and I need a Instruction Cover Glass that sit on the control panel. Or if any one can tell me were to find one that's good to. Thanks
  8. kingau

    Repairing cps3 cart.

    I have two carts that have died today. Does any body know who can help me. Its a street fighter 3NG and street fighter 3 third strike. Thanks in advance!!
  9. kingau

    Sega Naomi Dimm Update 4.01 and Cps3 motherboard.

    I have a brand new Sega Naomi Dimm Update 4.01 Gdrom Kit for trade. I'm looking for street fighter alpha 2 wonders 3 or street fighter 3 III strike cd and cart.(and I'll pay cash to even the trade) I also have a cps3 motherboard, sound is a little faulty but works great. its set up for...
  10. kingau

    Namco system 246 tekken 4

    Hello every one I have a working system 246 tekken 4 setup. motherboard w/ namco io board. as well the marquee and two move strips. I'm looking for a S/T. If your really want the whole thing make me an offer or a trade.
  11. kingau

    JAP CPS2 Marvel superheroes B borad for sale.

    Hi this is a Marvel Superheroes Cps2 B with a new battery as of June 2011 . asking $70 shipped any where in the U.S. [/IMG] or for trade I'm looking for namco system 246 games. thanks.
  12. kingau

    Blue elf2 2009, I-cad 60-1 for sale

    blue elf2 2009-sold. [/IMG] I-cad 60-1 $100 shipped via paypal. I only ship to north america. [/IMG] I also have a shinobi board and a wwf wrestlefest pcb bord. make me an offer or trade. :)
  13. kingau

    WG K7000 arcade monitor Capkit help!!

    I have a WG K7000 arcade monitor, the h-size does not work and the colors were all dull. so I install a cap kit to fix it. now every thing looks great but I still have no h-size and now the top half of the monitor does not look right. here are pic to what I'm talking about. [/IMG] [/IMG]...
  14. kingau

    Makvision 25" Tri-Mode Monitor CGA/EGA/VGA

    Just install a newMakvision 25" Tri-Mode Monitor CGA/EGA/VGA, on my one slot Neo Geo. What seems to be the problem is that the v-hold won't stop moving. I have a 150-1 cart and when it's on the menu screen the white shirt on Terry turns yellow then brown. I turn it off right away and it's gone...
  15. kingau

    arcade monitor

    Hi I'm new here, and I want to replace my 25'' monitor. what's the best arcade monitor for and upright neo geo cab. thanks:)