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  1. Verythrax

    Interest check: rare brazilian famiclone carts

    This is the deal: I have 2 NES brazilian cartridges of the SUPERGAME (Digital Design Eletrônica). they are something pretty strange and rare - during all my time buying, browsing and playing NES famiclones here during 80s and 90s, I've never seen something like that. Usually, or clone carts...
  2. Verythrax

    Best PC mobo for MAME cab/setup

    Well, I'm not really build a cab, and I'm not planning on buying dedicated hardware anytime soon - I just started living with my missus, in a tiny 1-bedroom apartment. I got an used 29" flat LG standard def TV, and I want to use it for retro gaming (I don't like how old games look in...
  3. Verythrax

    Humble Bundle 3 This time, the games are redeemable on Steam from day 1 ;) And buyers can play Minecraft for free until Aug 14th. :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:
  4. Verythrax

    Anyone playing any free MMO?

    That's the question. I'm willing to start playing ANYTHING, to hang out with some people here from online. I tried Shin Megami Tensei and thought it was interesting enough. Playing Global Agenda now.
  5. Verythrax

    Caanoo - sink of float?

    Did GPH finally got it done right? I'm eyeing one, if it's confirmed to play MD/SNES/NG/MAME good enough. PCE CDs and SEGA CDs are an welcome plus. Your thoughts?
  6. Verythrax

    WTB: Can any reputable japanese member get this one for me? (NEOGEO strap) I appreciate the help. I can compensate you for that. I can pay through Paypal. Thanks!
  7. Verythrax

    14WKC World Kendo Championships

    I had the honor of working on this event, where Brazil got us the third place. Any other kenshi here?
  8. Verythrax

    Oldies but Goldies for PC

    I'm in a masochist retro mode these days, so I got the complete Myst and Journeyman Project Series - never played those fuckers in those times. Next in line are the Broken Sword series (played the 1st one) and Beneath a Steel Sky. Any suggestions from those "OMG! you have a CD-ROM in your...
  9. Verythrax

    Got a PSP, which imports to get?

    Well, that's the question ;) And does the Phantasy Star Portable got released in US?
  10. Verythrax

    Need some help from European Members (Rooooot...?)

    Someone care to grab to me a copy of Dawn of War: The Complete Collection (PC DVD) This collection was only released in europe.
  11. Verythrax

    Sega's World Destruction Videos

    Looks like Sega took a couple of lessons from S-E:
  12. Verythrax

    Portal for DS!

    At least the 2D fanatics can't complain ;)
  13. Verythrax

    Adventure Whopper

    I love those limited edition sandwiches. For the Indy 4 movie debut, the BK here in Brazil are offering Adventure Whoppers: double whoppers with spicy sauce and provolone cheese :drool: During Spiderman 3 (or 2, I don't remember) they had Spider Whoppers, double whoppers with BBQ sauce and...
  14. Verythrax

    WTB warhammer dawn of war anthology/soulstorm

    Valid serial numbers, please. Separated games are ok, too. Pay through Paypal.
  15. Verythrax

    2D fighting goodness for DS!
  16. Verythrax

    Front Mission 2089 (DS) Trailer! It seems to be based on a very improved version of the Front Mission 1st' engine. And it have a big focus on the story, so it's not sound like a side story (as usual in handhelds), but a full-fledged chapter of the...
  17. Verythrax

    Comprehensive guide to DS homebrew I hope it helps ;)
  18. Verythrax

    Share your YouTube findings HERE! - for starters.
  19. Verythrax

    Please your thoughts on Philips Aurea and PF5322

    Anyone here have or have seen an Philips Aurea in action? How it's compare to Sony Bravia and other HDTVs? - specially on the contrast/black specs. On other side, those 26" PF5322 Philips HDTVs are dirt cheap around here right now. I now that those aren't full HD, but it seems to be a very...
  20. Verythrax

    Roads Edge "made in brazil"

    Roads Edge: EDIT: Some others: Roads Edge "jeep version" They are knock-off cabs made by Diverbrás, a brazilian coin-op operator here in Brazil. They are new, and...