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  1. Kickin' Wing

    Cyvern - Battery Issue?

    I'm borrowing a Japanese Cyvern PCB and am getting a garbage screen shortly after startup that says, "Clock Adjust" at the top and "Exit: Press 1P & 2P Start" at the bottom. I have a 1L6B, so I wired in a second start button and it boots and plays fine after that--except TEST & SERVICE don't...
  2. Kickin' Wing

    Please add this to "additional.css" in Style Manager

    .forumsearch.popupmenu .popupbody input.searchbox { color:#000000; } .searchthread.popupmenu .popupbody input.searchbox { color:#000000; } Will fix the invisible text in the popup search boxes :dragb:
  3. Kickin' Wing

    Pochi & Nyaa Kit

    Thought I'd try this one again :downb: Pochi & Nyaa Full Kit. Also includes: shockbox, flyer, and folded poster. $225 shipped FedEx Next-Day Thanks for looking :360:
  4. Kickin' Wing

    CPS3 Warzard Freezing [FIXED]

    Just got Warzard installed on my motherboard, previously working fine with NG, and have had an issue with the game constantly freezing. It doesn't lockup or anything, just pauses for a half a second or so and then resumes playing---kinda like watching streaming video. This happens on the...
  5. Kickin' Wing

    FS- Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 Kit & Poster

    Heys Everyone, Up for sales a Futari 1.5 Kit with Poster (newest version 1.54) sold -wiNg+thanks for looking
  6. Kickin' Wing

    Pochi & Nyaa Kit

    Looked like there might be some interest for this: -Minty Full Kit -Shockbox w/ Insert -Flyer -Poster $250 shipped Fed-Ex Next Day, Insured Thanks for looking, -|wiNg
  7. Kickin' Wing

    FS- Naomi w/ MvC2 & Capcom IO --ALL SOLD

    Heys Everyone, Up for grabs a Sega Naomi Motherboard with Marvel vs Capcom 2 & Capcom I/O; everything you need to delve into the wild, mysterious world of Naomi gaming. -Sega Naomi Motherboard -Capcom I/O Board -Marvel vs Capcom 2 Cart -VGA, USB & Audio Cables -I/O Power Cable -Naomi...
  8. Kickin' Wing

    CPS2 - SFA Phoenixed A&B Combo --SOLD

    Heys Everyone, Up for sale: -Green CPS2 A-Board (Plays Blue & Green Carts) -Street Fighter Alpha Blue/Phoenix Modded B-Board Looking to get SOLD for both. -|wiNg
  9. Kickin' Wing

    FS: Atomiswave w/ FotNS --SOLD

    Heys Party People, Aside from having given electricgrave a total spanking on this board ;), I haven't been getting my You-Are-Shock on all that much lately so it's time to pass it along: -Atomiswave Motherboard -Fist of the North Star Cartridge with Arts -Neowave Kit Box (box & pink bubble...
  10. Kickin' Wing

    FS- MVS Carts/Kits, NGCD & NGPC Games (and maybe a hyper setup)

    Heys Everyone, Just got hit with an unexpected expense, so I'm looking to unload a few items quickly. I can't edit my previous thread, so I've just copied most of it for here and I'll add on the rest. Please PM with any questions or if you don't like my prices hit me with a reasonable offer...
  11. Kickin' Wing

    Gunbird 2 Sound Issues

    Just picked up a Gunbird 2 pcb and am getting a lot of feedback out of my speakers. It very noticeably comes on when I start the cab and stays on after that. I've tried it in 2 cabs and have the same problem on both. :edit: Turning the sound all the way down the PCB gets rid of it, but turning...
  12. Kickin' Wing

    FS: ESP Ra.De & Custom Joysticks

    Heys everyone, once again the time to clear off the shelves so here's a few more items up for sale. Please let me know if you have any questions & thanks for looking ^^ ESP Ra.De (International) - $250 shipped Quick Note: Joysticks are wired for DB-15 and will work on Neo-Geo or a Supergun...
  13. Kickin' Wing

    FS- Bang Bead MVS Kit

    Thought I'd try this one again.. the wily & elusive Bang Bead MVS Kit, minty & complete: $420 shipped Thanks for looking, -|wiNg
  14. Kickin' Wing

    FS- D&D Tower of Doom & X-Men vs Street Fighter CPS2

    Looking to fund my vertical addiction, so up for sale are a couple CPS2 B-Boards. Both are: Blue, Phoenix Modded and B-Board Only. Will also include a giant, re-sealable anti-static bag to keep the cart dust & gremlin free. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom - SOLD...
  15. Kickin' Wing

    FS- LOTS of MVS Kits & Loose Carts --Stuff Added

    A precursor to my giant MVS Purging Sale of Victory.. selling off a few of my rarer MVS Kits and the always lovable Diggerman. :edit: Starting the "Giant MVS Purging Sale of Victory" aka "Gettin' Paid 08" more stuff coming as I find & organize it. If you have any questions, please let me know...
  16. Kickin' Wing

    WTB: Egret 2

    I'm located on the East Coast and am very interested in purchasing an Egret 2 Cabinet. I don't mind paying shipping, but my only real request is that it comes very clean (little or no rust, scratching, yellowing) and with no monitor / psu issues. Would also be nice if it had the standard E2...
  17. Kickin' Wing

    A Bad Idea..

    Sorry for the vague title, but not an entirely serious thread.. Ketsui: Pink Sweets? -|wiNg
  18. Kickin' Wing

    FS: XBox 360 w/ Games -- Price Lowered

    My 360 died (rrod) a little while ago, so I sent it back to MS and bought a new one for myself. Don't really need 2, so the Refurb is up for sale: Boxed & Complete XBox 360 Pro Model- New/Unopened Controller New/Unused HDD New/Unopened Ethernet Cable MS Standard Video/HD Cable PSU Manuals...
  19. Kickin' Wing

    Quick CPS2 Battery Removal Question

    I'm about to neuter my AvP Board so I can send out the ROMs to be Phoenixed and I was curious if it was safe to remove the battery with just wire cutters? The + side looks obvious, but I'm curious what to do about the flat thing glued? to the - side. If I just clip the lead going to the + can...
  20. Kickin' Wing

    FS- Naomi GD-Roms (Melty Blood & GGXX)

    FS- Naomi GD-Roms (Melty Blood & GGXX) & Biohazard Boxset Heys Everyone, Trying to Unload Some Stuff I don't use anymore-- GD-Roms Take the last 2 for $156 shipped Guilty Gear XX Melty Blood: Act Cadenza (Ver. A) Capcom vs. SNK 2 - SOLD Bio Hazard Boxset for GC- $175 shipped --Last...