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  1. Gotenks326

    Obscure question, but...

    A long while back I recall seeing a picture of something (I'm guessing either a fat person or a very large animal) and somebody's comment was something along the lines of "Uncle Phil!?" (From Fresh Prince, of course). I don't know why, but thinking about that comment still cracks me up to this...
  2. Gotenks326

    FS: Enhance 5150GH

    I have an Enhance 5150GH power supply for sale (it didn't come with a box or documentation). It's known to be a fantastic, top notch PSU (look it up on [H]ard Forum). I'm looking for $55 shipped:
  3. Gotenks326

    CNBC Video Game Documentaries Tonight

    Just as a heads up, it looks like CNBC will re-air the 2006 documentary Game On: The Unauthorized History of Video Games and a new one Playing to Win: Inside the Video Game Industry tonight. Check your local listings. (I don't know why, but the "Show Times" doesn't indicate that these...
  4. Gotenks326

    Trying to get broken PSP working again

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get a non-working PSP working again. I bought a Pandora battery thinking that it might help, but nothing is displayed on the screen when powered on. With the Pandora battery and memory stick in, the two lights on the left of the PSP light up and the Power light lights up...
  5. Gotenks326

    FS: Non-Working PSP

    I have a non-working, fat PSP and a Pandora Battery (Sony Battery 3.6v 1800mAh) with 2 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo for sale. I bought the Pandora battery thinking that it would fix the PSP, but the screen still doesn't turn on (I hear/see nothing, but the power, hold, etc. lights do light up)...
  6. Gotenks326

    FS: PS2 ESPGaluda

    For sale here is a PS2 ESPGaluda, which is in mint condition, and ESPGaluda II Offical DVD, which is in excellent to near mint condition (I mark it as such because it arrived from Play-Asia with the very edge of the guide booklet bent; the discs themselves are flawless/mint). Pictures...
  7. Gotenks326

    Bass shakers arrived -- need help hooking up amplifier (powering & grounding)

    My bass shakers finally arrived, and they came with the amplifier made for the shakers. The problem is, unfortunately, that it seems that the amplifier was meant to be used to hook up the shakers in a car. On the back of the amplifier are 2 spots for connections -- the ground and the +12V. With...
  8. Gotenks326

    Which State of Trance Compilation? (Armin van Buuren)

    I'm going to pick up one of Armin van Buuren's State of Trance compilations to introduce myself to more trance artists/music, but I don't know which one to pick up. Which one do you guys recommend to help somebody get more exposure to "good" trance artists/music? The track lists can be seen here...
  9. Gotenks326

    Humans = Monkeys

    I did a couple searches and it doesn't seem like that this has been posted here already (if it has, I apologize in advance). Human Monkeys I found the video entertaining to watch. It's less than 4 minutes long.
  10. Gotenks326

    Which amplifier for bass shakers?

    I'm planning on picking up a pair of these to try with headphones: However, I don't know which amplifier I should get to drive them. I will...
  11. Gotenks326

    IC: GP2X w/ 2GB + 1GB SD cards, TV-Out

    I'm considering selling my GP2X value pack unit that I bought from Play-Asia a few weeks ago. It comes with the following: -GP2X unit (overclocks to ~250-260mhz) -Original box + manuals/paper work -GP2X rechargeable batteries -TV-out cable -SanDisk 2GB SD card -SanDisk 1GB SD card I'm looking...
  12. Gotenks326

    New member Yaton6262? Is it really him or just some guy pretending to be him?
  13. Gotenks326

    FS: Enhance 5150GH 500W PSU

    I bought an Enhance 5150GH 500W PSU off of eBay about a week ago to build a new computer. However, in the wait my cousins got a new computer and gave me their old one, so I don't need to build a new computer anymore. So, I really don't need this PSU anymore. It is brand new but it didn't come...
  14. Gotenks326

    Anyone else having trouble sending money through PayPal?

    Is anyone else having trouble sending money through PayPal right now? I keep getting the following message: I tried clearing my browser's cahce and cookies, but I still get the error:(
  15. Gotenks326

    Anyone know what game this is? (Looks like a ghetto Galuda 2 clone) Excuse my ignorance, but what game is this? It looks like Galuda 2 clone (except looks much crappier obviously), but the music that was playing before the boss was from Galuda 1 (Fortress City). Also, that boss's bullet pattern half way through the...
  16. Gotenks326

    Building a budget Core 2 Duo system

    I'm looking for parts advice on building a budget Core 2 Duo system with a $600 maximum budget. These are that parts I've selected so far: ASUS P5N-E Motherboard - $139.99 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 - $184.99 G.SKILL 1GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) - $99.99 Western Digital Caviar SE...
  17. Gotenks326

    Anyone got a Play-Asia coupon?

    Does anyone have any Play-Asia coupon that they're willing to give to me? Thanks in advance.
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    WTB: Modded PS2/PStwo or PS2 w/ Harddrive Set Up

    Looking for a modded PS2 that can play everything and has no DRE problems. Or a PS2 that is set up with a harddrive to work with HD Loader/Advance (Either the discs or the memory card exploit) I'd like to see pictures and the PS2 version as well. Looking for PayPal as payment. Thanks for looking.
  20. Gotenks326

    Cheap LCD rotation arms?

    What are some good, cheap LCD rotation arms? I'm looking to spend south of $100. All I've found so far is the Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm (At $99, but I'd like to look for something a bit cheaper).