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  1. Sonic Blast

    FS: 5 Xbox games $25.00 shipped

    For sale is a modded Xbox with 3 controls, a memory card and all wires. The Xbox has a 40gb hd, xecuter2 mod chip which allows you to play imports, backups, and any region of DVD. Currently loaded on the HD: NES, SNES, N64, Atari 2600, Turbo Graphix 16, Genesis, Mame, NeoGeo, CPS1 and CPS2...
  2. Sonic Blast

    FS: Dreamcast, Arcade sticks, PSX

    Another sale guys! Prices includes shipping in the USA. I WILL NOT ship out of the US. I can only ship on Saturdays.Paypal only payments. NO TRADES Hori X-Box arcde stick - sold to boxed PS2 Hori Tekken 4 arcade stick - sold to Jeff Bogard(box is a little beat-up) PS2...
  3. Sonic Blast

    WTB Atomiswave mobo & Dolphin Blue

    Looking for a Atomiswave mobo and Dolping Blue & Knights of Valour. Will pay via Paypal or trade
  4. Sonic Blast

    WTB New Astro City power supply

    I need to replace the power supply in my New Astro City cab. Someone sell me one or tell me where to buy one.
  5. Sonic Blast

    New Astro City PSU

    I bought a New Astro City cab last year and it worked fine with my ST-V board and CPS2 boards. I decided to switch to another system in this cab but ran into voltage problems. My PGM mobo would power up and the video would be fine but no sound, my Naomi 1 board would power-up but video would...
  6. Sonic Blast

    ST-V mobo w/ Radiant Silvergun, Terra Diver, etc.

    I am selling a Sega ST-V mobo (jap. bios) with Radiant Silvergun, Groove on Fight, Terra Diver and Columns. RS and GoF have cases with inserts. I originally bought this set from dubdubdub. I am looking to get about $450.00 shipped within the USA. I am not interested in trades unless you...
  7. Sonic Blast

    $55.00 boxed Dreamcast Agetec Arcade stick

    Boxed Dreamcast Agetec arcade stick. It has an extension cable plugged to it. It has only been used 2 times and stored as a spare. It hasn't been used in 2 years and my other one in still in great shape so I am selling the spare. Get it for $55.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Paypal only...
  8. Sonic Blast

    Taking offers for PS2 games

    Checking the interset in a working US bios Naomi 1 mobo with Capcom I/O converter. I was looking for 1 setup and won 2. If anyone is interested let me know I am looking to get $235.00 plus shipping. US bios Naomi 1 motherboard with Capcom I/O jamma converter:D SOLD to notsonic PS2...
  9. Sonic Blast

    Naomi I setup price question

    I not sure what a good price is for a naomi 1 setup. Here is what I have been offered: Naomi 1 mobo w/USA & Jap bios switch, Capcom I/O jamma converter and Capcom vs SNK 1 & Power Stone carts for $320.00 shipped. Is this a fair price? Thanks
  10. Sonic Blast

    lowered FS: Jamma, CPS3 & PS2 games

    Clearing out some of the games I don't play anymore to make room for a Naomi setup. Prices are not set in stone but don't try to low-ball. Paypal is the only method of Payment. Prices include shipping. The only things I am looking for in trade are Sega Naomi hardware & fighters. So here...
  11. Sonic Blast

    Naomi setup questions

    I want to get a naomi 1 setup to put in one of my Astros. Other than the mobo what else do I need to get it running correctly. I now I will need a jamma converter but which one? I want to get Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK, Giga Wing 2, Power Stone 2, and Project Justice. I would also...
  12. Sonic Blast

    WTB naomi 1 mobo with jamma converter

    I am looking for a Naomi 1 motherboard with jamma converter.
  13. Sonic Blast

    WTB: few loose MVS carts

    I am looking for the following loose MVS carts: Magical Drop 3 Metal Slug 3 Metal Slug 5 SvC Chaos Windjammers I don't have Paypal so I will pay via US Postal money orders. US sellers prefered
  14. Sonic Blast

    WTB Candy cab in FL.

    I am looking for Jap. sit down candy cab in the Florida area. Almost any type, Capcom Impress, Sega Astro City, Blast City, Neo 29, well you get the idea. Almost any condition is welcome as long as the price fits the condition. Thanks
  15. Sonic Blast

    NEW 20gb PS3 w/2 games, blue ray DVD & 3yr warranty

    I am selling for a friend a brand new 20gig PS3 with 2 PS3 games: Madden Football and NBA 07. Also included is Talladega Nights Blue Ray DVD and a 3year extended warranty. He is asking $700.00 shipped.
  16. Sonic Blast

    WTB some loose MVS carts

    I am looking for the following loose MVS carts: Windjammers Baseball Stars 2 Leaque Bowling Magical Drop 2 & 3 Super Sidekicks 3 or 4 SvC: Chaos (cart kit only) Thanks
  17. Sonic Blast

    *sold* Sega Saturn w/new Arcade stick.....

    Well I have sold all my Saturn games and don't need the Saturn anymore. It comes with all cables, 3 regular sega controls, 1 brand new boxed Sega brand 3D control, 1 used 3D control, 1 brand new boxed Sega Virtua arcade stick, 1 used Sega Virtua arcade stick, and a boxed Action Replay Plus 4 in...
  18. Sonic Blast

    F/S Dreamcast games *taking all offers*

    I have these Dreamcast, Saturn and PS1 games for sell. All prices include shipping and payment is by money orders or checks(they must clear before shipping) only. I will only ship in the US and maybe Canada. PS2 jap. Namco vs. Capcom - $30.00 OBO PS1 US Street Fighter Alpha 3, KoF 99...
  19. Sonic Blast

    New Astro City marquee help

    I got a question for anyone that owns a New Astro City cab. I bought a New Astro City a few months back. When I bought everything worked except the Marquee lighting. I replaced the flourecent light but I noticed that there was an empty socket below the flourecent light. Does another small...
  20. Sonic Blast

    F/T Panzer Saga & Radiant Silvergun *prices*

    Everything has been sold