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  1. TravistyOJ

    FS: Mini JVS IO Boards

    I was able to score one of these, but I seemed to have lost the pinout. Do you have that documented somewhere? Edit: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. It's silkscreened on the bottom! :P
  2. TravistyOJ


    I’ve got a boxed 3S kit, but some op swapped the disc inside with NG. Even though I use SCSI2SD, looking for original disc in good shape just for collection sake. Thanks!
  3. TravistyOJ

    Interest Check: Screen Printed Neo Geo 6-slot CPO

    Calling all Neo Geo big red 6-Slot owners! Many of you may already be familiar with QuarterArcade’s Neo Geo 2/4 slot reproduction CPO’s. Here’s a bit of the product description: These overlays were made to exact specs of the original, they are screen printed on the same material originally...
  4. TravistyOJ

    FS: POW Kit

    Includes clean, fully working PCB, marquee, bezel, manual as pictured - $100 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. TravistyOJ

    Need Alternative for Marquee Locks

    How did it work for you, and can you take pics of what you got? I have this exact same problem
  6. TravistyOJ

    CRT Fetish Thread

    It'd had been several years since I've seen it, but we watched The Ring again last night, and man that movie has a really awesome variety of CRTs. Old school, professional, PVMs, consumer trinitrons, big and small. Watch it and see if you can count how many unique models pop up. Would make a...
  7. TravistyOJ

    KADE Miniconsole+ w/ adapters

    Apparently I backed this Kickstarter and forgot all about it. Don't really have a need for it now, but wanted to see if someone here was interested. It's the packaged version, not DIY so it's ready to go. Has the unit itself with a nice shell, a USB cable, and the following adapters: NES...
  8. TravistyOJ

    MVC2 Setup

    Naomi mobo with universal region BIOS, MVC2 Cart, Capcom I/O, includes USB, VGA, Power Cables and some repro move sheets - $350 shipped
  9. TravistyOJ

    SOLD: Violent Storm PCB

    Thanks, let me know if you recall who did it, or have any other techs to refer. Recapping these is a little out of my skillset, I normally just do capkits on old monitors with giant traces
  10. TravistyOJ

    SOLD: Violent Storm PCB

    Price lowered, send offers if you're interested
  11. TravistyOJ

    SOLD: Violent Storm PCB

    Yup, still works fine
  12. TravistyOJ

    SOLD: Violent Storm PCB

    Selling for a friend, works 100% and clean. Asking $325 shipped.
  13. TravistyOJ

    FS: Misc parts (PCBs, Vs, Naomi, MVS)

    Some stuff still left, prices dropped
  14. TravistyOJ

    FS: Misc parts (PCBs, Vs, Naomi, MVS)

    All prices include shipping to CONUS Vs Excitebike PPU (003), CPU, and 6 EPROMs* - $85 - SOLD Vs. Hogans Alley PPU (001), CPU, and 6 EPROMs* - $55 - SOLD 2 Nonworking Vs. PCBs** - $45 2x World Series Baseball Control panels 1 populated, 1 not but with extra parts and in great shape, with...
  15. TravistyOJ

    FS: PCBs CPS1, ST-V, F3

    Weird, I sent it. Not sure why it was blocked, could have been the video size. I assumed since I didn't hear back from you, you were not interested.
  16. TravistyOJ

    FS: PCBs CPS1, ST-V, F3

    PS4, I'll update OP
  17. TravistyOJ

    FS: PCBs CPS1, ST-V, F3

    All prices include shipping in US, and work unless otherwise stated UN Squadron - w/ Reprint manual and marquee $175 SOLD US Navy (Carrier Airwing JP) - Graphical glitches $60 SOLD Magic Sword - Wont boot $40 SOLD MVS 161-in-1 - $70 Sega ST-V w/ ModBios and Die Hard Arcade - $80 SOLD 2x...
  18. TravistyOJ

    FS: Alpha 2 B Board

    Lowered price bump
  19. TravistyOJ

    FS: Alpha 2 B Board

    US, great shape, repro label. Resurrected with Avalaunch decrypted set. $125 shipped.
  20. TravistyOJ

    Free: Cocktail Cabinet Project

    I'd love to give a home if it's still available. PM incoming!