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  1. Rassilon

    FS: ATI Radeon HD 4870 video card

    Hi all, For Sale: XFX "XXX Edition" factory over clocked Radeon HD 4870, 1GB Memory. In excellent condition, used for about 1-2 years, complete in box with all accessories. Still works great, just upgraded to a newer card. Will still run recent games pretty well. If you're interested, make...
  2. Rassilon

    FS: PSP game (D&D tactics) + UMD case

    Got one PSP game left to sell: PSP (US region game): Dungeons and Dragons Tactics - complete and in excellent cond, Includes 6-disc UMD wallet. - $15 SHIPPED PS2 (JPN region games): Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System - SOLD Vampire Dark Stalkers Collection ("Cap Colle" best...
  3. Rassilon

    FS: PSP Games (mostly JPN, 1 US)

    New sale thread for a new year! US Game: Dungeons and Dragons Tactics JPN Games: Disgaea Final Fantasy Tactics Tales of Eternia Lumines Wipeout Pure Ridge Racers (PSP the Best version) Namco Museum Kotoba no puzzle Mojipittan (its like scrabble sorta, in japanese) Picture of the games are...
  4. Rassilon

    FS: PSP Games (US and JPN)

    OK, i was outta town for a while, and still have some PSP games that got to go! Picture of the games: US Games: Castlevania Dracula X collection - $10 Dungeons and Dragons Tactics - $10 JPN Games: Disgaea - $10 Final Fantasy Tactics - $15...
  5. Rassilon

    WTB: Shockboxes!

    I'm finally getting around to printing out MVS inserts for my collection, and need a few more shockboxes. So, looking to buy shockboxes, in any quantity, up to about 8-12 total. Thanks!
  6. Rassilon

    FS: PSP games! (some US, some JPN)

    As my PSP has been used as a place to stack the remotes for my tv/etc for the last year, its time to let go of it. So, first to go are a bunch of games: Picture of the games: US Games: Castlevania Dracula X collection - $10 Dungeons and...
  7. Rassilon

    FS: AES Samurai Spirits 4, SOLD

    Been gone on a looooong business trip, and find i still have one last AES game that needs a new home: Samurai Spirits 4: Amakusa kourin - SOLD - box/manual are JPN, but cart has US label (looks like Korean release). everything in excellent condition...
  8. Rassilon

    Final(?) AES Sale: Samurai Shodown 4, Art of Fighting 2

    OK, one more go at selling the last of these goodies. Only SS4 left, with pics (linked): Samurai Spirits 4: Amakusa kourin - $150 SHIPPED USPS Priority Mail! - box/manual are JPN, but cart has US label. everything in excellent condition
  9. Rassilon

    FS: lots of AES games!

    FS: AES games: Samurai Spirits 4, Art of Fighting 2! New thread as old one is no longer editable. Still have a bunch of stuff: AES Games: Art of Fighting 2 (JPN Version) - good condition - $30 SHIPPED Samurai Spirits 4: Amakusa kourin - $165 SHIPPED - box/manual are JPN, but cart has US...
  10. Rassilon

    FS: AES Games

    A new sales thread for the new year! AES Games: Following games are all $30 for one, $50 for two (want more, we can deal more. make an offer): Alpha Mission 2 - Case is pretty beat up and cracked, cart is in OK condition Crossed Swords - No instructions, cart and outside of case in good shape...
  11. Rassilon

    FS: Genesis Consoles + Games + accessories

    I have a few surplus Genesis goods for sale: Consoles (console only, no power or video cables): 2x Genesis Model 2 consoles - $10 ea. These are slightly dirty, but have been opened up, given a quick clean, and tested to work 100%. 1x Genesis Model 2 console - $5 OBO The power jack is loose...
  12. Rassilon

    power supply for supergun

    Hey guys, Working on building a supergun, using a jrok component encoder i think... Whats a good power supply to use these days? i'd prefer something table top, or pretty compact, so i can keep the size of the supergun down. How much should i worry about -5v? I found a pretty small looking...
  13. Rassilon

    FS: AES Collection: modded AES, old style stick, Many AES Games

    Hey All, I've been moving to all MVS, so need to pass my AES collection on to someone who will make better use of it: Modded AES Console - $300 SHIPPED! "Super" AES bought from neo store many years ago. Has s-video, stereo audio, bios mod (not the latest "universe" bios, but does region and...
  14. Rassilon

    FS: PS2 Hori flight stick/throttle; PS3 NHL08, MotoGP 08; Hori HRAP buttons

    Hey all, Clearing out some stuff, and have the following for sale: PS2: Hori "Flightstick2" PS2 flight stick/throttle controller - $40 SHIPPED!!! stick/throttle setup for flight sims like ace combat. great condition. no box. PS3: NHL 08 (US) - $15 complete, mint condition MotoGP 08 (US)...
  15. Rassilon

    Console s-video mods (Genesis & PC-engine)

    Hey gang, I've got a genesis model 2, a pc-engine core grafx and a turbo-duo (US), and i want to add s-video output to them. (i know component is best, but the higher cost and hassle in my setup outweighs the benefits for now). I was going to go with the neobitz DIY s-video board, but i've...
  16. Rassilon

    FS: xbox live MS points: 1600pt card (SOLD)

    I have an opened but unused (and silver stuff over code is not scratched off) 1600 MS point card for anyone interested. $16. I'll pay shipping (1st class USPS mail), or i can email you the code if you want instant gratification. :mr_t: ITEM SOLD. Thanks!
  17. Rassilon

    What're you using to mount your steering wheel??

    I'm looking for a table or tray or something to attach my steering wheel to (Driving force pro). Needs to be fairly sturdy, as i like to turn the force feedback to high/strong. I want something i can pull up to my couch, and can buy, preferably online (i dont have the time to build something...
  18. Rassilon

    05.01.94: A Tribute to Ayrton Senna

    12 years ago, the world lost the best driver who ever lived. :crying: A great driver, great champion, great man, and a hero to many. a few pics i took at the honda collection hall at motegi: If anyone else has some pictures or stories, please post em.
  19. Rassilon

    FS: 17" Powerbook G4

    17" Powerbook G4, 1.5GHz, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, superdrive, 128MB Radeon 9700 videocard, bluetooth, airport extreme, backlit keyboard. includes all original accessories and discs, but no box or manuals. original disc is 10.3, but ill install 10.4 on the powerbook. Fantastic machine, in excellent...
  20. Rassilon

    My Consolized 2-slot! (big pics)

    I just finished building my first consolized 2-slot last nite! :mr_t: the s-video output is FANTASTIC (used a neobitz). cant wait to try component, but my TV doesnt have it. I put a pause button on the front, test on the back, and didnt bother with coin/start buttons as i just put it in...