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  1. K_K

    OOOOPPSSS.. Deleted the Playstion Mini Thread by mistake...

    I preordered one. I also preordered the international neo geo mini. I don't give a fuck.
  2. K_K

    Aretha Franklin, 1942 - 2018

    Got a bit emotional over this loss. Her singing at Obama's inauguration always gets me a bit misty.
  3. K_K

    UK membaz are t0tall-E KooL

    What kind of comb? They prolly sell them in Ireland. Because despite the deep seated hatred for the UK here they have the same stores, tv shows, and shit.
  4. K_K

    What's the worst city you've ever lived in or visited?

    I didn't like Brussels because it's boring. Food was nice, people were friendly. Once you get beyond all the touristy spots though there is nothing of note. Boring town. I didn't like Vegas because the faces of addiction are all over, and totally depressing. Slot jockeys who spend days at...
  5. K_K

    Anthony Bourdain dead at 61

    It's a damn shame. I really loved his shows. When he first showed up with no reservations I was flipping burgers in a fast food hell. I watched his show and felt like this dude really understood what restaurant life was at its core. He wasn't some pissy tv chef who made fancy bullshit dishes and...
  6. K_K

    Louis CK is next man up in the Weinstein-Spacey chain

    Word is he was always an asshole though. Kinda like Chevy Chase. Just a complete jerk to everyone on set. Though I could definitely see him being a creep on random women too.
  7. K_K

    Your educational attainment?

    Some college. Got in two years. Started with notions of engineering. Turns out I'm terrible at math. Then figured I'd focus on something I like, like history. Then ran out of money, my job didn't pay enough, my mom couldn't afford it, I wasn't going to get a loan because it's just not worth it...
  8. K_K

    In 20 years where do you see the world going?

    Unexpected item in the bagging area! But seriously, I don't know what Ireland 20 years from now will be my mortgage will be nearly done though so don't ruin that for me.
  9. K_K

    Actually found some decent playstation stuff in the wild.

    I'd have bought whatever they wanted me to if they threw in that sotn.
  10. K_K

    China scrapping term limits, thoughts?

    So China has a dictator of sorts. Well when they chased out the emperor I'd figured they were done with that life. Guessing theyre still about that life. Barring a full on revolution, likely a long, bloody, and completely destabilizing civil war almost: they're stuck no? Or is there some...
  11. K_K

    Console Stuff (3DS Zelda 25th Edition)

    The modded dreamcast, would it work on European voltage? I know you've only an un modded one left, but just asking.
  12. K_K

    The Official April 1st Custom Rank/Avatar Request Thread.... 2018...

    Up to your old tricks haha. XOXO love you P.S. I think I should have a 15 year badge.
  13. K_K

    The Official April 1st Custom Rank/Avatar Request Thread.... 2018...

    It was the keke that I was after. That you told me I didn't deserve. Thanks Rot!
  14. K_K

    The Official April 1st Custom Rank/Avatar Request Thread.... 2018...

    Chips, chicken, sauce, Parmesan, and that stupid side salad no one wants.
  15. K_K

    The Official April 1st Custom Rank/Avatar Request Thread.... 2018...

    What about a chicken parmy, or parma? Rot, there was some keke badge you were lording over me last year. You gonna still hold out?
  16. K_K

    Are Video Games About Having Fun Anymore?

    I play borderlands. A lot of borderlands. Mostly single player. Sometimes online. Farming, grinding, getting killed. all that shit.
  17. K_K

    What's the most you've ever spent on a single video game title?

    Think I spent 230 on slug 3 AES about ten years ago. Couldn't afford the game now, could barely afford it then. Collectards man. Driving up prices of 20 year old games.
  18. K_K

    Tap Water

  19. K_K

    Tap Water

    Fuckin oath mate!
  20. K_K

    Tap Water

    But here's the real question: are you in the possession of, or have you ever owned a Holden commodore VL turbo?