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  1. Teddy KGB

    WTB: Famicom stick XE-pro FC or the ASCII (the metal one) preferred

    Title says it all. Thanks!
  2. Teddy KGB

    KGB's early Valentine bazaar -- homecarts for everyone!

    Letting few of my JP homecarts go. I think my prices should be close to spot on.. if not, I blame mjmjr -- kidding, thanks for the help with these, bud. US members only, don't have a lot of time to ship elswhere. I prefer to sell to established active members, first come is not necessarily...
  3. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: Dangun Feveron JP PCB -- Art / Poster / etc.

    SOLD - Thanks for looking, gents. Took a little longer than I thought it would but it found it's way into good hands. Dangun Feveron JP PCB. Super clean. Comes with art and Dangun poster. I'll throw in the padded PCB box too. $550 shipped to pals in the US. Pretty firm on that. Happy to do...
  4. Teddy KGB

    KGB's Bazaar of Love - Genny/MD/360/Arcade/Misc.

    Hiya… been getting rid of some carts locally due to the the ‘ol Everdrives and this is what I have left. I have a few other nuggets up for grabs as well. If pricing is off, let me know. Everything is priced under what I got it for but I could still be off. Prices do not include shipping as I’m...
  5. Teddy KGB

    Found: Robo Army JP Homecart

    Title says it all. Looking for a Hobo Army JP homecart, good condition, complete would be nice. That's all. Thanks dudes.;)
  6. Teddy KGB

    WTB: Spriggan and Spriggan Mk. 2 PCE

    Title says it all. Would love either game, or both. Must be complete but spine/obi is not a must. Thought I'd hit you guys up first before eB / YAJ. Thanks!
  7. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: Guwange PCB

    Sigidy sold! $415 shipped to the lower 48. Forum regulars please, no fliptastic dolphin action to see here. You buy, you play. First come does not = first serve if you are on the newer side. Thanks for understanding.
  8. Teddy KGB

    WINNER CHOSEN -- Win Teddy KGB's STICK (PCE stick)

    The kids are back in school, work is taking my valuable time away from chat and the forums lately so what better way to cheer everyone up than another raffle?!? Details: Boxed NEC PC Engine Turbo Stick - close to new old stock shape. I received this from my pal cdamm and since I already use a...
  9. Teddy KGB

    Teddy KGB's back to school sale. (Saturn, PCE, Dreamcast & PS2 crap)

    Time to clean out some games I either don't play much lately or have dupes in another format. Prices include shipping, PayPal only and please send PP non-gift. I'm OK with eating the 4% as it's easier for me to print shipping directly from PP. Forum regulars only, US and preferred Canadian...
  10. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: 5 Port Scart Switch -- Paging all XRGB-Mini owners

    I have more than 5 consoles on RGB scart out and I finally have a solution in place that accommodates all of them. Soooo, this little guy needs a new home. Note - this will only work with your XRGB-Mini Framemeister. This was modded by "scart king" Todd/Yodd/Broken with a mini 8 pin din out...
  11. Teddy KGB

    С Днем Рождения Михаил | Happy Birthday Mikhail

    С Днем Рождения Михаил | Happy Birthday Mikhail From one comrade to another, have a great bday pal. Was fun hanging out yesterday.
  12. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: Garou MOTW JP Home Cart

    Kind of pains me to sell this but I was hoping to jump on the Knights Chance homecart pre-order this week and between the new x68k and a couple unexpected PCB buys this month, Teddy is tapped for play cash for the month. So here it goes. Established members only. My discretion. First come does...
  13. Teddy KGB

    Happy bday cannonballz!!!

    Have a good day brutha Mike!
  14. Teddy KGB

    WTT: Egret 3 2l8B CP + $$ for Egret 2 2l8B CP

    Subject says it all. I have a really nice original Egret 3 2l8B panel that's getting no use. What I really need is an original Egret 2 panel with the same button config. Would be willing to do a trade + cash. I'd buy an E2 panel on it's own as well, but though I'd offer another panel in trade...
  15. Teddy KGB

    FOUND: Ninja Commando JP Homecart

    Edit - homecart found, still have the MVS kit which I'll post FS soon. ;)
  16. Teddy KGB

    SOLD: Ninja Commando English MVS Kit

    Updating old FS thread with another kit up FS. Ninja Commando English/US kit. Contents and cart are minty fresh. Box has packaging tape and a label pouch applied (damn the bastard who did this) along with a dented corner with a bit of pen writing. What you see is what ya get! I finally found a...
  17. Teddy KGB

    FS: DoDonPachi Blast City Marquee (FREE, just pay shipping)

    For those of you familiar with his work, Spectre on Arcade Otaku does some pretty good arts for Blast Marquees. In fact, I think he has over 150 in his library. Anyways, I got this marquee in the buy he held several months ago but I don't need it. Clearing out the closet sale, FREE just cover...
  18. Teddy KGB

    FOUND: SS3 JP homecart

    The cleaner the better and complete pls. Shoot me a PM with what ya got. Thanks!
  19. Teddy KGB

    Lemony Strikes Again -- Jamma360 Box v2

    Hola guys, So the last feedback thread I did, it happened to be for the same dude… our resident & tireless modder, Lemony Vengeance. So, what did Lemonballz do this time? I think some of you have already seen his Jamma360 box (v2) but in case you haven’t, here it is. I’m one of those guys...
  20. Teddy KGB

    Dogyuun move/instruction scans

    Does anyone have the OG Dogyuun move sheets or even nice detailed copied arts you could scan in for me? Looking for something to print out for my cab's marquee but all that's on the web are medium sized images that when blown up to half A4 size, look pretty distorted. The JP moves are fine but...