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  1. Dominance9

    Cap America PCB + Jamma Adapter on neo candy cab = super hot?

    I just picked up a Captain America and the Avengers PCB and went to play it for the first time on my neo candy cab using the JNX Jamma adapter. I play all of my bare pcbs on this set up. But first time I booted it, I got good video but no sound, just some crackles. I got nervous turned it off...
  2. Dominance9

    WTB: C-Board for MERCS CPS-1 PCB

    Im having a sync problem with my Mercs board and was told its probably the C-Board. Does anyone have a extra good C-Board that will work on this they could sell me?
  3. Dominance9

    Candy Cab monitor help

    I recently picked up a candy cab, its a neo 29 I think. The monitor works but it has spots of bad / off color, primarily on in the lower right corner and upper left corner but it does extend from there (check out the attached pics). Id really like to fix it or get it fixed. Im curious if anyone...
  4. Dominance9

    Looking to do some trades, Lots of stuff just added

    Hey all, Looking to do some more trades. I had a old trade thread on here but I cant edit the first post and it got all junked up anyways so heres a new one. Just added a bunch of new stuff to my trade list. I have a ton of Games, Systems and Misc. related stuff available for trade. Im also...
  5. Dominance9

    Collecting Video Games for Investment / Collectards / Who will care when we are all 80?

    Seems like lately certain game prices across most all the systems are getting out of hand.... Making it quite easy to regret not buying certain games when they seemed "reasonably expensive". Reading the posts on the recent Pulstar sale thread here mentioning collecting for investment made me...
  6. Dominance9

    Dreamcast VGA confusion

    Need some help with some dreamcast vga confusion Im currently having. I have a older sony trinitron crt that I play all my older games on. It has a DVI port on the back. So my first thought was I am going to buy a DVI to VGA converter for it and pick up a VGA cable for my dreamcast. Except when...
  7. Dominance9

    King of Monsters 2 MVS

    Need some help on this one. I checked mvs scans and the boards looks almost the same but both sets on there show a couple windowed chips. My boards have none. Any thoughts?
  8. Dominance9

    Best way to play old PC Games?

    Hi, If this looks familiar it is. I had asked this about a week or so ago but it got deleted with everything else. Unfortunately I dont remember some of the websites and other things some recommended. But basically my post was: I have a bunch of Old PC games Id like to play or play again. I...
  9. Dominance9

    FT- I have a lot to trade and Im looking for a lot, Anyone want to do some trading?

    I have a ton of Games, Systems and Misc. Related stuff available for trade. Im also looking for a ton of games too. I figured I'd try the forum to see if anyone wanted to do some equal value trading. I know I dont have alot of feedback here and because of that if you are a established member I...
  10. Dominance9

    Need help - Super snk mvs converter 2 works on one AES but not another

    Could use some help here. I recently traded a fellow AES owner my super snk mvs converter 2 for some games. The converter always worked fine for me. Really, never gave any issues. (just the non play of slug X) He just got the converter today and its not working for him. He said the blue...
  11. Dominance9

    Metal Slug 3 MVS ... is this right?

    Just picked up a Metal Slug 3 MVS Cart, I checked MVS Scans and the date on the one board is off. Otherwise it looks ok, I think? Also any input on whats going on with the end of the board on the 1994 dated board ? Looks like its missing some gold plate like some one maybe used to strong a grit...
  12. Dominance9

    Looking for better picture from CDZ, would this work?

    After just picking up a Omega using component cables I see how much the picture and colors lack with my CDZ using the standard RCA Cables on my CRT I use for all my retro gaming. Im not looking to break the bank or go uber baller best available, but what Id like to do is at least have...