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  1. Dinodoedoe

    Happy Birthday, Xian Xi

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Dinodoedoe

    Neo Geo 3

    As long as the game doesn't play like those anime fighters and actually feels like MOTW, I'm on board.
  3. Dinodoedoe

    Neo-Geo Big Red 4 Slot Fuse type?

    I have a Big Red, that was hacked up into a CarnEvil and I'm re-converting back to a MVS. I noticed that the fuses have been removed and they soldered a wire in place of the fuses. I want to remove the wires and place fuses back into the machine. I have no idea what the values of the fuses need...
  4. Dinodoedoe

    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    That looks awesome!
  5. Dinodoedoe

    Happy Birthday Dinodoedoe

    Thanks guys!!! I’m super excite to finally get back on track and finish restoring my 4Slot Big Red. It’s only been about a decade since I last touched it, lol.
  6. Dinodoedoe

    FS: MVS carts

    PM Sent
  7. Dinodoedoe

    Neo Turf Masters......Advanced Controls

    Mind Blown. Now I need to fire this cart up and play a few holes.
  8. Dinodoedoe

    RIP Jedah Doma

    Damn, I never knew he did the voice work for that game. Now I regret not buying it.
  9. Dinodoedoe

    RIP Jedah Doma

    Rest In Peace dude.
  10. Dinodoedoe

    Best Tacos?

    Here in Vegas, it would have to be Roberto's Taco Shop. They are all over Southern Nevada and there's a few in Southern California.
  11. Dinodoedoe

    What arcade stick do you own?

  12. Dinodoedoe

    Unibios Help on a ChipMax2

    I bought two new chips and same thing. No clue why it's not working. I can program 8 bit chips all day with no issues, but I'm having nothing but headaches with the 16 bit chips.
  13. Dinodoedoe

    Unibios Help on a ChipMax2

    Yeah, I did that and I still keep getting a programming error. Please See below:
  14. Dinodoedoe

    Unibios Help on a ChipMax2

    I'm usually pretty good at figuring things out but it looks like I hit a wall. I don't know why I keep getting program errors and at this point, I'm certain I'm doing something wrong. I was working with a Toshiba TC571024D eprom and I purchased two AMD AM27C1024 eproms. I keep getting load...
  15. Dinodoedoe

    WINNAR! RAFFLE: Custer's Revenge Atari 2600

    Might as well try. Put me down.
  16. Dinodoedoe

    Who else has gone back to consumer crts?

    Oh I'm not knocking it. I have the Turbo Duo connected via S-Video and the image is amazing. My only problem with the Commodore 1702 is that my co-worker gave it to me and it was up in his attic for years; years in the Vegas heat so I know the caps are weak and needs to be replaced because...
  17. Dinodoedoe

    Eightman wasn't all that bad

    I find 8-Man to be relaxing. It's just a comfortable game that I play to not think.
  18. Dinodoedoe

    Who else has gone back to consumer crts?

    I use my 20" PVM for my RGB consoles like the AV Famicom, SNES, Saturn & Dreamcast but lately I've been mainly using my Commodore 1702 for my Turbo Duo & my Twin Famicom because it's small enough to sit on my work desk with one console sitting on top the display and the other on the desk ...