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    SOTM July 2022: GG Aleste 3 (PS4/Switch)

    I was happy to see this for the SOTM. I had bought a switch copy a while back and it was really fun to get into it this month. :) Tangemo - 1,687,050 - 6 - Switch
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    Neo geo cdz power supply? Any options?

    Can confirm, I bought a CDZ from ebay a few years ago and it came w/ the CD PSU. Just trimmed the sides of the connection w/ an x-acto blade so it would fit and it's been working great.
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    Paprium MegaSD digital release

    Interesting, I also assumed that the extra chip did some additional copy protection. Considering that the cart was designed NOT to work on Mega SG I doubt Water Melon would be cool with this unless they were going to make some decent money selling this version. And if TO can do a digital...
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    SOTM August 2021: ESP Ra.De.

    Yea a lot of the PS4 menu text is in Japanese, on the default PS4 pad it's clicking the touch pad that brings up the menu. (y)
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    SOTM August 2021: ESP Ra.De.

    Tangemo - 2,683,440 - Irori - Stage 3 - PS4
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    What was THEEE first Neo game you ever played, MVS/AES

    In the arcade I remember playing Nam 1975 and Magician Lord way back when they were new releases on a 4 slot MVS. In high school I was lucky to be able to borrow a friend's AES (!) for a little while when World Heroes 2 was a new release. He owned that and Magician Lord. It was wild to play WH2...
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    Are there any ports you prefer over the Neo-Geo originals?

    Yup, I prefer the World Heroes ports on Snes and Saturn b/c of the proper 4 button and 6 button set ups. Feels good man.
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    Razion EX (NG:Dev.Team)

    Was able to grab an LE. Looks like the regular edition lasted 1 minute and and the LE lasted 2.
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    E3 2021 Discussion

    Switch Pro rumors swelled up recently so it would be cool to see that confirmed. Maybe they decided to hold off the new hardware until next year.
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    CMV1B consolized MVS on Indiegogo

    Yea this looks interesting when comparing it to the recent Open MVS. Different MVS boards being used but this is cheaper for the whole kit (at least in the early bird specials). I like that it's already stereo and maybe the aftermarket arcade sticks will be cool? They gotta hit those stretch...
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    What was the last Neo game you played in 2020?

    Was playing some Fatal Fury 3 on CDZ right before the countdown.
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    BlazePro Neo Geo Bootlegs

    Thanks for posting and trying it with a converter. Would be nice if these worked on AES w/ converter, has anyone else tried different games or had better luck?
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    Is the NEO•GEO underrated for shoot-em-ups?

    Agreed, I've had a similar experience withe the japangameonline converter. Seems like I could only get everything seated properly less than half the time. Mostly blue screens :annoyed: Ended up getting a Furrtek Fusion and that's been awesome, no death grip or any nonsense. Regarding the Neo...
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    This new Sega thing on April 17th (Terraonion Direct 2020)

    I got mine and have tried it out in Dreamcast. Super easy install and I've been happy with it. The only advantage I can see over GDEMU is that the folder and naming structure is simpler (and the ability to use HDD or SSD but I've been using SD Card). Been using GDI format games and everything's...
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    Is this shit for real?

    The owner of a local game shop by me was saying he's seen significantly increased interest in anything that's had a mini or classic console in the past few years. After checking out the games on the mini/classics all of a sudden there's an urge to seek out the original hardware and some other...
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    New SNK Hardware Twitter Post

    Just saw this, thanks for contributing and sharing. I was able to find links and updates via reddit and will check it out!
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    Terraonion SNES flash cart

    This. Now the latest SD2SNES has become the FXPAK pro. It's moving more into that last 1% compatibility but I'd really like to see someone figure out save state support in a SNES flashcart.
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    Vasara Collection on sale for .99 cents

    Thanks for the heads up! 99 cents is a great deal :)
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    Retro-Bit Mega Drive/Genesis controllers

    One cool thing about the newer Retro-bit wireless Genesis and Saturn controllers is that they come with both usb and console receivers. I find that the Retro-bit feels more authentic but the 8bitdo feels more sturdy and solid. I use the RF versions of both on consoles and Mega SG, but I use...
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    What anime are you watching?

    Started watching Konosuba and would definitely recommend to anyone that liked Devil is a Part-Timer. Similar sense of humor to me. Also started watching Neon Genesis Evangelion again over the weekend and have been binging it pretty hard, really pulled me in.