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    This will be fun when people start waking up. You should have listened to opt2not.
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    The all new 'What's it worth' thread

    What does a minty MVS Viewpoint kit go for these days?
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    Unofficial MVS and AES Price Guide

    I can't seem to find the whats it worth thread, I hope it's ok to ask here. What is a full minty Viewpoint kit going for these days? Update: I found it and I am still this village's idiot.
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    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    I have always been entertained by this guys movie synopsis and review vids I can watch his Revenge of the Ninja video all day and never get tired of it
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    Huge 70 game MVS lot, 4 kits and 66 loose carts

    Would be interested in Fight Fever, Baseball Stars2, and Metal Slug 4. Need a little more info first.
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    That's strange, but I'll give it a shot. I ordered a different game to test the mobo also. I don't really think that is the issue, but it was bothering me. I'm starting to get the feeling I'm going to have to reprogram one of the roms. Just a gut feeling. I don't think i have the equipment for...
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    I'll check that out, thanks. Over the last few days I have been reading a thread somewhere else that is super long, haven't found anything useful yet. A long time ago, a cap broke in my NES Gyruss cart, I tried replacing it, and that cart never worked again. I don't think I will be working on...
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    Well, the disk cap didn't change anything, but they are pretty old caps. I'll try ordering the MLCCs and see what happens. I think I will be heading over to the unnamed site and plead with the natives for their wisdom as well.
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    I did get it from sheep_nova, he seems like a good guy. Great communication, he answered all my questions and requests. He got me what I asked for, and great shipping. I'm not sure of his rep, but I had a great experience with him. I have watched Scarlet Sprites a number of times, decent...
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    Ok, I did a reflow and cleaned the edges. Then I decided to take a jewelers loupe and check pretty much everything. I found this Without the loupe I probably would have never seen this. I assume this is a ceramic capacitor. The only two markings on it are '104' and...
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    I have cleaned it quite a few times so far, but I'll try again. I'll take a pink eraser to it this time. It seems like i have to press really hard on the cart to get it in the slot. Is that normal for PGM?
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    Thanks Chu Unfortunately, I did not save the old caps, they are long gone. I believe I did put it back together correctly, but the first pic in the link is how I have it together, top of the cart is on the left. The second pic is the boards flipped over in the same places. I thought my...
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    I think i screwed up-IGS PGM DDP DOJ

    I just recently acquired a PGM board and Dodonpachi DOJ. The cart was pretty scummy on the outside, so I decided to clean it up. When I took it apart I thought 'll just replace these caps in here, no big deal'. Well, it must be a big deal because it is not working now. It worked flawlessly...
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    Neo Geo collector age consensus.

    43, started in the mid 90s with a NGCD. I prefer my AES with a NeoSD now. I have mostly gotten out of collecting, but there are about four kits and two AES titles I want before I am totally out.
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    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    I have only played about 30 minutes so far with my son, but this feels pretty good to me. Like wataru, I'm not big on modern fighters, but this one is going to get some time put on it. I hope it still feels the same after I'm able to really dig into it.
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    NGPC NTM Los Turfes Club: Pocket League Score Thread

    It's been a while since I looked at this, I'm going to have to get back into it. By the way I used the normal clubs in Japan
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    Weekly Roundup 5/12/19 Mother's Day Edition

    For the last few weeks I have been putting 4 credits in my 4 slot and seeing how long I can play for. I play each game one time. Currently the line up is Bust a Move KoF98 Metal Slug Baseball Stars 2 But for the last few days I have only been playing Bust a Move. Baseball Stars 2 is not a...
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    K7000 chasis mystery part

    Thank you MKL. Would that cap being missing cause any visual issues? Everything is working, but the geometry seems to be off, the horizontal size is too big, and the credits text on the bottom does weird things when the screen gets busy. Sometimes it looks jittery, or something that looks a like...
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    K7000 chasis mystery part

    I had the flyback on my 4 slot cab go out on me so I decided to replace it and redo the caps. While is was flipping the board over and back removing caps this part fell out of somewhere. I did not see where it came from and it appears to be broken. Can anyone tell...
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    FS: MVS carts BAMA and Protos

    Price Drop on the protos ghostlop 65$ shipped diggerman 60$ shipped I am going to keep BAMA for now