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  1. pixeljunkie

    FS: GPI 2 case w/dock and Pi CM4 wifi w/64gb card preloaded

    $210 shipped Which is probably what I spent getting it all put together (I bought it at the beginning of the shortage). Just throwing it out there if someone wants one of these and doesn't wanna wait. No box, but it's the system, baggie and dock with USB cable. I've used it a total of maybe 1...
  2. pixeljunkie

    PS3 controllers suck*

    *at least their batteries. I love the form factor. I just moved and was unpacking my gaming shit. ALL...not some...but ALL my PS3 controllers are dead and won't charge, including some new ones that came out of fresh PS Vita TV boxes. I replaced the batteries in one before moving...also dead. W...
  3. pixeljunkie

    FS: Dreamcast, Saturn, Fami, MD, PCE, Retrotink 2X, DC and some '92-'93 EGM issues

    See pics below, CD cases have mild scuffs or cracks here and there, disks are mostly great except some scuffs on Armada and a dot on Quake 3. I'll make a deal on multiples. Prices do not include shipping, the more you get the better the deal. I'd say $5 for one or two in a padded envelope...
  4. pixeljunkie

    Anyone still use the Cyber Gadget Retro Freak?

    I'm really wanting an all-in-one type of solution to save space. I have a Mister and it's cool, but I'd like to slap some carts in once in awhile. Anyone still use theirs? Is it getting an updates? Long term reviews?
  5. pixeljunkie

    PC Engine Fan scans Nice way to waste my afternoon
  6. pixeljunkie

    DCHDMI mod - show of hands of who has done the mod?

    I'm tempted to get one and try the mod myself, but it looks pretty goddamn hard. Anyone else done the mod? Horror stories? Success stories? I put this in tech support preemptively FYI, assuming I will drunkenly order the kit tonight and need a place to post Q's
  7. pixeljunkie

    Android peeps, HALP!

    So, I bought a Redmagic 7 phone for shits and giggles. I like it so far, but there is something going on where when I am not holding the phone - so think, car mount or sitting flat on the table - the touch screen doesn't work for shit. But as soon as I pick it up, all good again. I can't help...
  8. pixeljunkie

    Wolfenstein 3D for GBC

    Does anyone know anyone who can build this cart? It uses a co-processor to make it possible. I know someone did a run of them awhile back, but I'd imagine someone still can make them. Anyone?
  9. pixeljunkie

    FS: Cowon Plenue D Hi Def music player

    Bought this awhile back on impulse for like $250...I think I've used it twice. It's badass, I just have no idea why I bought it? Was I drunk? Probably. It comes boxed in excellent condition, with everything it came with + I put a screen protector on it. I can take pics, I just didn't know if...
  10. pixeljunkie

    FS: Nelsonic Zelda watch

    works - $50 shipped PP gift
  11. pixeljunkie

    WTB: gnarly but working Gameboy color -FOUND-

    I want one to mod with an IPS screen. Anyone have a grody one they want to get rid of for less than what ebay is looking to get? Like, equal to or less than $30? edit: found! thx ggallegos!
  12. pixeljunkie

    WTB: Super Gameboy 2

    anyone have a spare gathering dust?
  13. pixeljunkie

    FT: your stinky old, Gameboy carts for my amazing NGPC carts

    Don't get too excited, only one real good one, a couple OK ones and the rest are ... whatever. I'm looking to get some GB carts, maybe some uncommon stuff, can add cash depending on what it is. Looking for any of the Final Fantasy games, Sword of Hope 2, Either Battletoads games....i dunno...
  14. pixeljunkie

    D-Terminal to Component Adapter Cable for Framemeister - FREE*

    *just toss me $5 for shipping Looks like this:
  15. pixeljunkie

    GDEMU (clone) - problems

    so, I def have a V1 dreamcast (2 of them actually) and I have now bought 2 of these clones. One is 5.15 and the other is 5.5 - I've read the numbers mean nothing, lolchina, I'm using madsheep's GDMenu software AND a Sandisk Ultra card formatted FAT32 (tested others to no...
  16. pixeljunkie

    FS: Peace out Dreamcast - all my gamez

    So, I am going off and making sure everything is lower than that for the most part. Pics link at bottom. All games are complete unless noted. A handful show some scuffs on the disk here or there, nothing major - but not OMGMINT. I did my best to take pics, but if you are...
  17. pixeljunkie

    FS: Retroid Pocket 2

    RP2 - only used this a handful of times - not for me. The Retroid OS comes preloaded with a ton of games, but for optimum experience requires some tinkering and using the built in retroarch - I don't have time or care to mess with it. Has glass screen protector installed as well. Currently $90...
  18. pixeljunkie

    Trying to remember this late 80's early 90's video game TV show...HELP

    It was something that aired on like, Saturday was NOT Captain N or Video Power. The host was blonde, squinty eyes and a mullet and went on to be in other TV shows. I think they would show Gamepro reviews maybe? But it wasn't a Gamepro show, I don't think? Anyone remember this?
  19. pixeljunkie

    WTB: Gameboy (OG/DMG) headphone PCB

    Working on a gameboy and the headphone PCB is toast. Does anyone have one laying around from a trashed GB or something they could toss my way for some cash? I'd be cool with the newer "DMG Audio" PCB as well, doesn't matter to me. I used to have all kind of weird spare parts years ago when I...
  20. pixeljunkie

    Pixeljunkie's ongoing garage sale

    [PS4 Borderlands The Handsome Collection Gentleman Claptrap Edition: Boxed up, complete, still in cellophane baggies (includes game obviously). Sat on my shelf for a bit. You can still find the Android APK online, I might even have it on my HD. $165 shipped