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  1. Burning Fight!!

    Any Splinter Cell fans around? Cut content found.

    It's a narrow subject but the thread can't be too offensive given this board's mostly used for youtube advertisement. *ahem*,_2002_prototype) Looks like a beta of the first Splinter Cell was leaked a while ago that has two cut...
  2. Burning Fight!!

    HBD BBH!

    here's to more 1ccs you magnificent madman :D
  3. Burning Fight!!

    RIP Sonny Chiba :(
  4. Burning Fight!!

    Happy birthday Miisalo!

    HBD my man! Your ammo box MVS is still, for me at least, one of the most iconic consolized efforts and what the hobby is really all about. Glad you still visit the forums! It's official, etc.
  5. Burning Fight!!

    Neo Geo CD CSync Mod?

    Hi, my GBS-8200 (Control mod) really struggles to sync with my Neo CD so to remediate that, considering the Neo CD outputs Composite instead of CSync on pin #7, I recently tried to mod my Neo CD to actually output CSync on that pin as per instructions on
  6. Burning Fight!!

    How often do Homebrews implement "standard" Neo-Geo logic?

    I'm talking about letting the bios do the logo animation, have a predictable gameplay flow and UI elements like in the official Neo manual, actually being Arcade ready, etc. Are those a dealbreaker to you? Having a Neo-Geo cartridge that behaves differently from official software seems kinda...
  7. Burning Fight!!

    Dumb Reintroduction Post

    Well that went well the first time around :lolz: I'm flirting with Neo-Geo programming again and I'll probably stay here for a while mostly lurking (and without quitting the forum because of dumb shit) this time around. Not much time to do stuff for now though so I'm hoping to really start...
  8. Burning Fight!!

    Making a Neo-Geo GAEM

    I'm trying to find a good place for Neo resources and documentation but I'm at a loss here and my google search strings aren't giving me anything decent. Can anyone show me a decent site for that kind of stuff? Any developer's manuals floating around?