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  1. Rasubosu

    MVS games for sale

    Got some doubles for sale, I posted this in some other groups but NG forum peeps get a lower price and I'm open to offers. Don't like a price? Make me an offer, I'm sure we can work something out. Board pics available and will be sent to you, they are posted in other posts but I'll take new ones...
  2. Rasubosu

    NGPC cart dumping?

    Anyone have any recommendations for dumping NGPC carts? I just got my hands on a test cart beta version and I want to dump it and see if there are any differences from retail release.
  3. Rasubosu

    Got another Super Neo 29 to restore

    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in! I told myself I'm not going to restore any more cabs because of the time and energy that went into my other 2 restoration jobs but I couldn't pass this one up. Someone local to me posted this Type II cab for sale with a spare monitor and...
  4. Rasubosu

    Need some advice on potential banner restoration project

    Some of you may have seen but the gentleman who sold that Hyper 64 proto posted this giant banner not too long ago. I ended up with it and now I gotta figure out what to do with it. For those not familiar with our esteemed Awbacon's find you can watch his videos or read this article. awbacon's...
  5. Rasubosu

    FS MVS games Strikers kit, loose KOFs, Shogi, Bomberman

    Got some stuff for sale after doing some condition upgrades. Prices are shipped within the US, international let me know for shipping quotes. Feel free to make me offers if you think prices are too high, open to trades as well. Can send board pics and accept many forms of payment. Strikers 1945...
  6. Rasubosu

    FS: CPS2 B boards X-Men COTA, MVC, X-Men VS SF

    Location is San Diego, CA. I have 3 of my double B boards for sale, all are kinda dirty but work great. 2 of them have been revived but one is unopened and has the original battery. All work with USA/EUR/JPN A boards. You can play these as is, convert them to something else, or Darksoft mod...
  7. Rasubosu

    Need help identifying Hyper Board

    I'm sure some of you have seen this but I'm trying to get info to help the guy who has it. I originally thought it was a rental unit but taking a look inside I don't think so. I don't think it's a prototype based on the rom chips but hoping we can get more info here. The main sticker is the...
  8. Rasubosu

    Got one, thread no longer needed

    Edit: Got the 1 slot, thanks y'all! I have a close buddy who wants to borrow some of my MVS games but I only have a 2 slot and a 4 slot. Rather than buy an adapter since I'm using my only MVS to JAMMA adapter in my Super Neo 29 I was thinking of just getting a 1 slot for cheap so that he can...
  9. Rasubosu

    My long overdue Capcom Impress Restore Project

    Hello everyone! Going to post about my Capcom Impress project that I worked on this year while working on my Super Neo 29 that I detailed in another thread. If you haven't seen me spam General Discussion about it you can check it out here...
  10. Rasubosu

    My long overdue Super Neo 29 restore project post

    Hey all, longtime lurker here for a super long overdue post regarding my Super Neo 29 restore project that I've been documenting on some of the Facebook groups but may come in handy for some people here that aren't active on social medias. I just wanted to share my process in case anyone else...
  11. Rasubosu

    Anyone have a pink KOF 2002?

    Hey all, haven't seen one of these in a while but I'm looking to buy or trade for a pink KOF 2002 if you have one. I have a green '02 as well as a few other games I'd be willing to trade if you're interested. I remember when they used to be all over ebay from South American sellers so I held...
  12. Rasubosu

    Anyone familiar with Saturns and region switch mods?

    While I'm waiting for parts for my Neogeo CD frontloader I decided to open up a project Saturn I had bought a while back. I bought this Sega Saturn out of an "as is" pile at a trusted local store that I frequent. They hooked me up with a great deal and told me that when they bought it in it...
  13. Rasubosu

    Neo Geo CD Frontloader Repair Help Please

    Hello everyone, longtime lurker turned member here requesting help from anyone who might know what's going on with my frontloader. I tried posting this much earlier today but something happened and my post disappeared (think I got timed out) so I'm attempting to post this again. Edit: I know...