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  1. awbacon

    *UPDATED* NeoGeo proto screenshots

    In my experience…not kind So many people drop insane $$ just to keep shit hidden away for nobody to enjoy When it comes up for auction (if it does) someone PM me. I’ll try to get it. Might need to fundraise a bit back because popular to contrary belief I am not ultra rich 😂 But I’ll throw in...
  2. awbacon

    FS: Neo CD Front Loader CIB $450 Includes US Shipping only - Final Price Drop

    I needed a nicer camera ready Neo Geo CD for a series but I def will play it now and again
  3. awbacon

    Unported Playlist...all the unported arcade game videos moving forward

    Bubble Bobble except from Data East
  4. awbacon

    FS: Rainbow Islands JAMMA PCB

    Nice looking board. Good luck with the sale
  5. awbacon

    Top Gun and Sega; a very real connection

    not clickbait...I swear
  6. awbacon

    The best fan translations around; Seven Mansions - 6/28

    last thing I need...more lost hours lol
  7. awbacon

    Sell me your MISter

    contact Terasic directly. They have units. Shipping is a bit high
  8. awbacon

    Ranking every Metal Slug ever made! 6/22

    I could see that logic. But 3 is still my fav
  9. awbacon

    All my random arcade videos in one spot...cause reasons...and fun games...and things and such

    time to go balls deep into the history of Monkey Ball (I will see myself out now)
  10. awbacon

    Ranking every Metal Slug ever made! 6/22

    No way. I stand by my opinion. 3 is GOAT
  11. awbacon

    Ranking every Metal Slug ever made! 6/22

    clearly my opinion is the gospel and nobody is entitled to disagree :ROFLMAO: