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  1. doaal

    Doaal Collection...?

    I had many fond memories playing Neo in the arcade as a kid, and it was through lurking here back in 2007 that I learned you could own your own arcade cabinet. Flash forward eleven years and I'm collecting for the MVS and playing on a supergun. Not pictured is my small NGPC collection...
  2. doaal

    AES 3-5 RGB Cable Noise and Audio Hitch

    I've noticed an odd visual problem with my AES when using RGB. I'm using RGC's Genesis Model 1 SCART cables with breakaway audio for stereo (more info at They are...
  3. doaal

    AES Flickering, no BIOS detected

    Recently got my first AES and wanted to put a Unibios in it. Got the socket in and now my AES is flickering with a series of colours on the screen regardless of what BIOS I put in, and if I put no BIOS in. I'm not sure if this is what watchdogging looks like on the AES, but it pulses to 8Hz...
  4. doaal

    Real Bout AES Boot?

    I've found a JP AES Real Bout for a suspiciously good price. It also has the case which is in nice shape and the moulding on the inside looks good, but no manual. However it's the cart that has me suspicious. The main label wasn't applied very well--which I know can be the case for official...
  5. doaal

    Best MVS Mini Marquee Repros?

    I want to get some mini marquees for my cab and I'm trying to decide who to get it from. Szabo, Arcade Art Shop, Arcade Marquee, eBay--seems like everyone produces repros. What I'd like to know is, what are your experiences with marquee repros? Do you have a preferred supplier? Anyone to avoid?
  6. doaal

    MV-ELA-1 Whine/Buzz

    My Big Red cabinet makes a whining/buzzing noise when powered on. I traced it back to the MV-ELA-1 board. I haven't yet replaced the marquee lights to see if the ELA is faulty, but I'd like to fix the sound. Would this be caused by the transformer, the transistor, the caps, etc?
  7. doaal

    MVS Sound/Power Issue

    Hi all, Recently I bought my first MVS board (MV1ACH) on the cheap. The owner tried to do a stereo mod and had the watchdog colour issue--swapping the stock BIOS to UniBIOS fixed this. Hey, a working Neo! Since he cut the 12v trace I assumed all I had to do was reattach it and I'd have sound...