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  1. awbacon

    Top Gun and Sega; a very real connection

    not clickbait...I swear
  2. awbacon

    All my random arcade videos in one spot...cause reasons...and fun games...and things and such

    time to go balls deep into the history of Monkey Ball (I will see myself out now)
  3. awbacon

    Ranking every Metal Slug ever made! 6/22

    Not gonna lie...kinda sad! Guess I've gotta wait for Tactics now
  4. awbacon

    Revisiting Off Beat Racer because damn it...the Hyper Neo Geo 64 is good! I swear...

    I can't be the only person on here to love the Hyper right?
  5. awbacon

    The best fan translations around; Seven Mansions - 6/28

    Had to start with the GOAT. and don't worry...I'll leave em all in one thread I've got a few free slots for extra videos in this series...anyone have any loved translations?
  6. awbacon

    Matrimelee; I will die on this Neo Geo game ever!

    yes I know I am wrong but I'll still fight my position
  7. awbacon

    Duke Nukem Forever...the 2001 version?!

    as someone who advocates for and when they can find them releases rare unreleased crap...I did NOT see this coming but I am happy it happened
  8. awbacon

    Metal Slug Mania...1st and 2nd Mission - 6/8

    weird to think the franchise went through TWO arcade platforms just to end the numbered run on a handheld (if someone can compress the threads...awesome)
  9. awbacon

    Operation Tiger; a 3D game even uglier than I am

    and that's saying something but all jokes aside...damn I love janky 3D. If anyone knows of a pcb out there...hit me up! My craving for shitty 90s 3D arcade boards needs more slaking
  10. awbacon

    The IGS PGM Part 10 - DoDonPachi DaiOhJou Black Label - 5/17

    I will die on this hill because I firmly believe the following...this is AS GOOD as Street Fighter Alpha 2/3 and BETTER then SF 3
  11. awbacon

    Let's fix the dumb rare Konami NWK-TR Thrill Drive / Racing JAM board

    because one day someone will google how to fix it and they won't have to go in blind like I always seem to have to with Konami 3D shit lol
  12. awbacon exists so lets open it up

    was supposed to be an April 1st video but I had to move things. Makes the Hyper Neo Geo 64 look successful!
  13. awbacon

    Metal Slug Mania Part Sega - Metal Slug 6 - 5/4

    the GOAT. No disputes! (leave all flame comments below...or on the video)
  14. awbacon

    SOLD i5 4790k on an Asrock Mini ITX Motherboard with 16GB DDR 3 RAM in a case...cheaper! lowered

    i5 4790K on an Asrock mini itx motherboard with 16GB or DDR3 ram strapped with a low profile Noctua cooler. Would be great for a small MAME build. I dunno...$100? It’s in a mini ITX silver stone raven case. I’ll ship it without the case if you don’t want it but if you want it just pay the...
  15. awbacon

    Thrill Drive 3. Go play it today...on me!

    with work done in part by me and someone from my Discord not an April fools joke
  16. awbacon

    L Zone on the Apple Pippin. Why do I buy this shit?

    I mean I love it but its weird even for me
  17. awbacon

    Thrill Drive. The best f'ing racing game you probably never played new fav. Still hunting a pcb!
  18. awbacon

    The IGS PGM - Part 5 - The Gladiator - 4/12

    it's like Mr Geo stepped out on Ms Geo and had a secret child in Taiwan
  19. awbacon

    Buriki One; the revisit

    because damn it more people need to know about and LOVE this game