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  1. rarehero

    Happy Birthday DanAdamKOF

    Proposal: For Adam's birthday, we commemorate it by adding to his user name. Like DanAdamMakeitMakeMoneyKOF bybkLlNbaaw Happy birthday friend. May your day of being born'd be chock full of bacon and other assorted fried food. Like twinkies. Fried twinkies. If you could still find them.
  2. rarehero

    Apple wins Billion+ lawsuit against Samsung I'm not too happy about this, I'm a samsung user and really don't care for apple or the ios. I didn't find the innovation that apple claimed, to be all that novel. For those who don't keep...
  3. rarehero

    NEO Turf Masters review at Hardcore Gaming

    Hi, I never get to post in General so I figured this would be fun to post. Good site with interesting reviews of some interesting games. Anyways, for anyone who's interested.
  4. rarehero

    Did you folks do your taxes?

    It's getting kind of close. I did mine on a free online deal. It's a little unbelievable though. I did it and totally backtracked to make sure everything was right and I'm ending up paying the US govt 1 dollar. Seriously? I owe them one dollar? geez. Anyone got back a good refund? Or owing? Any...
  5. rarehero

    It was DanAdamKOF's birthday and all he got was this lousy thread!?!?

    Let's all drink lonestar beer, bitch about it tasting like water. Then drink some Shiner Bock and talk about girls in cowboy boots playing dance dance revolution, except not dance dance revolution, the other hardcore Korean version that has diagonals and crap. Happy Birthday chicken friend steak.
  6. rarehero


    Happy birthday chicken friend steak. Have a merry something or other ok.
  7. rarehero

    View recent posts issue

    Hey guys, I know there are constant updates for the forums and y'all are working on it alot now but I was looking for a recent post as of a couple weeks ago and did so by going to my profile->Find all posts The link gives me a page of the most recent one, two days of posts, then goes to 2003...
  8. rarehero

    Interview with Yu Suzuki

    Saw this linked at ncs of all places, but interview is at 1up.
  9. rarehero

    Jim Marshall, rock and roll photographer died If you guys aren't familiar with Jim Marshall, he was a pretty notable rock and roll photographer. If you guys are still fuzzy on who he is, you might recognize some his work.
  10. rarehero

    Strange customs and superstitions passed to you

    through family and friends. my family on my mother's side is korean so some customs that people look at me strange for is: • never signing your name in red ink (like signing in blood). • the requisite asian take off your shoes in the house. • when getting food, always take two scoops for good...
  11. rarehero

    Question for DBA/Developer folks RE: location tables

    Howdy guys, formal request here, I'm looking to make a website with a backend database that I would like to include some location selections, i.e. country->state->city so what I'd like to find is some standard databases with these established tables that I could download and import into my...
  12. rarehero

    AKIRA fans: kind of cool, but kind of boring without the original stickers (copyright issues of course)
  13. rarehero

    Zelda Spirit Tracks

    Just got spam from nintendo about it Trailer: looks pretty neat. I figure if you didn't like the last ds zelda, chances are you won't be changing your mind. I did like the zelda on ds so it'lll be good for me. it's nice to have something new zelda wise since...
  14. rarehero

    Anyone pick up the new mario and luigi game on ds?

    Just wondering. I picked up scribblenauts and didn't even know it was coming out at the same time.
  15. rarehero

    Happy Birthday Argentina94

    Hey friend, I'm glad to see you back in the fray. happy birthday man, have a good one sal. :)
  16. rarehero

    rarehero's Official KOF XII Review Thread

    So, I got to play the game in depth with friends and wanted to update folks on my thoughts about it. The version I got to play was the 360 version without online play (which you can read about online problems anywhere else) Not a big deal. After playing it a second time more in depth gave me a...
  17. rarehero

    The X-Millennium-Gunmen-Realm Discussion Thread

    I'd like this to be a Chris Carter kind of series/film thread, that being: The X-Files (series and movies) Millennium The Lone Gunmen Harsh Realm (added!) kicking it off, I just watched the entire millennium series. at the time it was on the network I was a very big fan. I watched it all the...
  18. rarehero

    The Dollars Thread

    So I figured we needed to have a thread about the Dollars Trilogy. I didn't see the movies until pretty late in life, but I actually bought the movies as kind of something to do with my pops since there's nothing better than watching westerns with your dad. But as soon as I watched them I...
  19. rarehero

    Post your pet

    I was going to name the thread post your puppers. but I didn't want to exclude the cat people out there. here's my sioux0rz, she's a foxwire terrier. bath time.
  20. rarehero

    The KOF 2000 Appreciation Thread

    So I'm at a friends house and I get to play kof 2000 again for the first time in about 4 or 5 years. I've always kind of been a big fan 2000 and my feelings has always been that the series basically ended on 2000. 1 because it was one of the last games that SNK really made 2 it was the last...