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    John Carpenter‘s The Thing returns to theaters June 19 & 22
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    The Reveal 2 Electric Boogaloo: Wata Games and Heritage Auctions

    It's a long watch but totally worth it. Don't let the thumbnail turn you off it's a extremely well researched video about the people behind the current sealed game bubble.
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    R.I.P. Keystone Ice 1994-2021 Pretty much my beer of choice in my late teens and 20's. I'd get a 30 rack on Friday and it'd last me the whole weekend, good times.
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    E3 2021 Discussion

    E3 is back this year. What are you looking forward to seeing? I'm hoping we get a release date for BOTW 2. Playdate Update - Tuesday, June 8th Battlefield reveal - Wednesday, June 9th Summer Game Fest...
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    Cotton 2 / Cotton Boomerang / Guardian Force (Switch/PS4) Saturn Tribute
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    Mechanical Star Astra (PC) sprite based vertical goodness

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    Remember Argyle from Die Hard

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    Game Gear Micro

    Official Announcement Tomorrow Part of Sega's 60th Anniversary
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    SENXIN (working title) original vertical shooter from M2

    Skip to 6:10 I feel like there was already a thread about this but I couldn't find it.
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    Final Fight "30th Anniversary" rom hack for 3 players released
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    Demon's Tilt (PC/Game Pass/SW) Naxat inspired "Occult Pinball Action"

    Officially came out of Steam early access today and is out on Switch Dec. 23.
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    Is this a PayPal scam?

    So someone "accidentally" sent me a couple hundred dollars the other day and are asking for a refund. They gave me their full name and phone number as well as facebook info. The money has been sitting in my account for 3 days. Before I refund their payment is there anyway I could be screwed...
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    Tough Guy: Fighting Titans - sprite based 2D fighting game free for Windows

    Official website and Direct download Source
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    E3 2019 Discussion

    It's that time of the year again. What are you looking forward to seeing? Personally there's not a lot that I can think of that I'm excited for. I'm always into Nintendo's stuff but it seems like they've already announced all their big titles for this year.
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    Gradius III (SNES) slowdown elemination patch & mod

    Impressive stuff. I think the bubble stage is a better example of patched vs original. Github patch download works on everdrives or you can make your own cart.
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    M2: Complete Works / My Life in Gaming - A hour long look at M2's history

    Make sure you toggle subtitles on in the settings.
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    Wait, they're making another Terminator movie

    I guess they're throwing all the other garbage Terminator movies under the bus and this is a direct sequel to T2.
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    Alien 40th Anniversary Video Shorts

    It's a six part series and the first two have just been released. Check for updates. I don't know why but they're only on IGN's youtube channel.
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    Samurai Shodown Neo-Geo Collection (PS4/XB1/PC/SW) - Includes all 6 of the Neo-Geo Samurai Shodown games - Developed by Digital Eclipse