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    FS: INH DVDs, DC, PS2, NGPC.

    All sales and offers are on hold pending a family medical emergency. Expect to resume sales next week. Sorry for the inconvenience Going on a bike tour and moving away afterwards. This stuff is priced to sell. PM me for a shipping quote. Shooting love and Radirgy INH DVDs. $50 each or take...
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    MV2F no headphone out.

    Have a 2 slot CMVS with +5v mod that is giving me audio issues with the headphone out. I can get audio just before the Volume slider, but the levels are a bit too low for my liking. I'm trying to figure out what might be the cause. I'm not entirely sure how to tell if the volume slider is at...
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    UVC pcb, Jameco SC200, DSiXL

    Utracade Video Converter (UVC) PCB with cables (not pictured) $140 Bronze DSi XL $100 for system Both games for $40 Jameco SC200 PSU for Supergun/Consolize Asking $40
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    FS: 2SLOT CMVS + MVS game

    Shipping not included, so pm me for quotes. more pictures coming.. MVS Games Metal Slug 3 $40 The King of Fighters 2002 $40 The King of Fighters 2000 $20 The King of Fighters 1998 $20 Shock Troopers $40 SOLD: Last Blade 2 $30 Puzzle Bobble $25 Metal Slug $30 Samurai Shodown...
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    Game Gear w/ Everdrive GG + 2GB microsd

    SOLD! This is a very clean and working Game Gear. I had the intention of replacing the caps as I do on all game gears I've owned, but this one had been preserved so well that the pcb and caps look brand new. The output is even better than some that I've recaped since there are no signs of...
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    FS: DB15 PS2 adapter, Crimson Clover, DC, PS2, MD, NEOCD

    These aren't getting much use and could use the funds/space for another project. First up is a custom made DB15 (Neo-Geo) to PS2 adapter. Plug in your Neo-Geo or Supergun controlls to play your PS2 games. $45 Also selling a DB15 modded Saturn controller. This is made from the USB version of...
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    FS: Everdrive MD

    *sold* cased in a Sonic 2 cart w/ 2GB card Asking $70 shipped Canada/USA pictures soon
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    FS: SLG3000 v2, Scaler, and Jrok Sync Cleaner

    Not planning on using this anymore, so it's up for grabs. I've included both a short vga cable, a gender changer (or extender in this case) to attach the cable properly, pcb feet, and a Jrok Sync cleaner. Asking $120 shipped Canada/USA. thanks, King.
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    WTB: MVS Cart Shell

    My poor 2020 Super Basebell cart has a broken shell and needs a new home. Got a non working cart? maybe its a lame boot? I could use the shell! Southtown Homebrew has shells in stock but the shipping to Canada is a deal breaker for me. Maybe someone closer to home can help me out. thanks, King.
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    WTB: World Heroes Perfect

    Yup. Looking for this cart with some shipping to Canada. Don't care if it's EN or JP. thanks!
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    WTB: Last Blade 2

    Would prefer JP version if possible. Bought one off of but it ended up being the heavily censored Korean version 'Last Soldier 2' thanks guys!
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    FS: Border Down, Under Defeat LE, Psyvariar 2, and more

    Getting back into music and student debt has me dipping into the shmup vault as all my other moneys are spoken for =/ Will ship within Canada and Continental USA. All games listed are complete with spine, click on thumb for larger picture. Border Down $100 HOLD ---- Under Defeat LE...
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    Vancouver Meet. Neo Geo 604 style..anyone?

    I know there are a few of us around here. I'd be down for hosting if people are down for it. wadya say?
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    FS: Last Blade 2 MVS $30

    This is the korean version of The Last Blade 2 MVS Cart. ON HOLD more info here. Paid $44 from, willing to sell for $30.00 plus $11 shipping CAN/US. Willing to trade for Karnov's Revenge thanks, Kingbuzzo.
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    Address error 00C1E504 unibios

    Hey, I'm wondering what to make of this error here... I had puzzle bobble and last blade 2 in my mv-2f. I was noticing that I couldn't switch to last blade 2 if puzzle bobble was inserted this I got this here's my...
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    on powder coating

    I'm looking to get my MV-2F powder coated for a nice pro looking finish. I've noticed a few local places that offer this service. I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be looking for in good powder coating, anything I should request from the shop, or any prep I should do before...
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    WTB: Neo cd pads

    Looking for a couple of these to complete my cmvs setup. thanks, King.
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    tapping stereo lineout form 2 slot?

    Thanks for the help on the video errors. Now I'm just wondering how to tap a line out feed from the 2 slot as I'm trying to consolize the mvs with just a 5v 3a psu. thanks guys, King.
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    LF: kof2k2 +RBFFS mvs, (maybe thru a coinopexpress grouporder?)

    I'm looking for KOF2k2, and coinopexpress is selling a cart for $33.00, but there's a $200 minimum purchase. If anyone in canada or the west coast would like to make a group order, then give me a shout. Otherwise I'm still looking for kof2k2 around that price. Also looking for RBFFS, as...
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    mounting jrok in cmvs

    Hi, I have all the parts I need to build my CMVS 2 slot. However, I'm wondering how most people mount the jrok in their case. thanks, King.