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    Last few MVS, taking offers

    Down to the last few! Make me an offer if you're interested in some of them.
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    Last few MVS, taking offers

    PM’s replied!
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    Last few MVS, taking offers

    My final MVS sale, parting with my collection due to my divorce, can't and won't take it all to my new place... Most games have a shockbox with insert (US AES style). Shockboxes won't be sold separately. All carts are originals and bought from collectors around the world. US members...
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    Fatal Fury 3!

    One of my favorite FF's and one of the games that made me start to like the original OST's over the AST's...
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    most recent Samurai Spirits came out in 2019 already.

    Trailer got me hyped, I'll bite!
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    NeoGeo Land Shop in Akiba

    I'm in Japan for work on the 17th, might go check it out... Looks like they got some neat items!
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    Neo Geo Framemeister profile wip:

    Tried the settings FBX posted with the Omega, looks stunning! Thanks!
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    What Beat 'em Ups are you playing? Daily/Weekly check

    Bought Double Dragon Neon while its on sale. Never played it even though I love the DD series. I think the negativity at time of release made me not play it.... I gotta say, its fairly OK, deeper than it looks on the surface with some nice combo setups.
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    Vinsanity's collection

    Gotta admit, thats one hell of a nice room you got there. Nice, clean and with a great choice of cabs.
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    FS: CPS2 | NAOMI games

    Hi guys, I have for sale: Capcom System 2 A+B Pocket Fighter ASIA Sadly the boards arent lookers or anything but are working just fine. Label of the game is a mess, heavy discolouring on the plastic of the game and some damages on the connection side. Works flawlessly though, still on...
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    Just get the (infinite) combo in the first 20 seconds down and you're good to go :)
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    Feedback for

    Been dealing with Solaris for a very long time, also very helpful in regards to off-site stuff. Great to do business with.
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    FS: Neo Geo Hyper 64 including Fatal Fury kit + Warriors Rage kit

    Sup fellas, Bought this to play FF and SSWR with some buddies but end up being the only one that plays these (damn SSF2X....). I cannot be arsed to constantly switch boards out in my cab so..... I'm putting them up for sale here for the same price I paid totally to get them. Heck I'll even...
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    Official SNK Neo-Geo Book: NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY ネオジオ〜目で楽しむ軌跡〜 (Publisher Bitmap Books)

    Looks stunning! Digging the Amiga book you have as well.... keeping an eye on this.
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    Finally got hold of a Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage board. This game is really excellent. Too bad it can suffer from slowdown when things get hectic. Got the feeling there's somekind of input lag as well which makes comboing off moves a bit difficult. Nevertheless, been working on some combos...
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    Bullet Soul on Steam!

    Nice! Good to see more are coming to steam.
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    Been watching some vids of the Samsho 64's, no kidding about the mood, incredible atmosphere!
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    Got an Hyper 64 board with Wild Ambition hooked up in the cab last night... forgot how much I liked this game. Still feels like a solid fighter... So much, that I want to check out the Samsho's on Hyper 64....
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    WTB: Hyper 64 games

    Thanks for the tip! Damn, seems prices gone North on these....