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  1. BlackSpy

    Andro Dunos art set

    Hello, I've recently discovered that I'm missing one of the art sheets (the spaceship one) for my Andro Dunos kit. Anyone got a complete or partial set to sell, maybe from a conversion?
  2. BlackSpy

    How subjective is temperature?

    With a name like Lachlan I'm going to assume they came from Scotland... the Aussies here miss their home weather.
  3. BlackSpy

    Avatar Santa Hats

  4. BlackSpy

    Brown box label vs cart label

    I can't think of a single box label that was holo. I think that for US/EU releases the labels were otherwise identical though. Maybe an interesting exception somewhere? NitD is one I should have bought at launch but never did.
  5. BlackSpy

    Sinden Light Gun

    Sinden Feed and Seed seems to be a pretty good looking Ontario farming supplier. Which is sells some good stuff, but shipping is a killer to Scotland. Also, I'm not sure how it would actually integrate.
  6. BlackSpy

    Lowtax is Dead

    There was fat chicks in party hats?
  7. BlackSpy


    There is NQ64 in Edinburgh now. Not been, but looks like Kobo with more ambition.
  8. BlackSpy

    Sinden Light Gun

    So it's about a year since anyone really posted about them. Anyone got one, got an opinion on them? I quite fancy getting one, I love lightgun games, but I'm kind of wary that these things never work as well as advertised...
  9. BlackSpy

    what i am doing wrong ?

    Yeah, you need to check that connectio.
  10. BlackSpy

    So Metroid Dread is 'out.' (now includes a review by DD!)

    And I see there is a demo of it, so I'll give that a go this evening.
  11. BlackSpy

    So Metroid Dread is 'out.' (now includes a review by DD!)

    I'll buy this. I love that most of the complaints are best explained by the ageing process of the player rather than design decisions on the developers part. I'll buy this for my kids...
  12. BlackSpy

    WTB Magical Drop 3 complete MVS kit JPN or serial match ENG

    Hi, I have one I'd sell. But where are you?
  13. BlackSpy

    Top Ten kid friendly Switch games

    Overcooked is good, as above. Worth looking at Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime for more coop fun too.
  14. BlackSpy

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    That would have been very nice, not certain I still have your number though... I might see! It wasn't an overnight though and the rain meant that travel was a bit nuts.
  15. BlackSpy

    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

    Hello! I was in Manchester this week and was thinking about you. You still in that part of the world?
  16. BlackSpy

    Using USB controllers on MVS

    I'm kind of trying to avoid heading into that territory. If it feels like that's the option I'll just buy a new AES controller most likely... I wish that new controller with 20 games in it had a D-SUB connector on it. :)
  17. BlackSpy

    Using USB controllers on MVS

    How are you sir? it's really been quite a long time. Didn't you used to be in Texas or something? I had spotted that Undamned thing, but it doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere. Or at least, a PCB that need looks to need soldering is, but no neat consumer product. I've not owned a soldering...
  18. BlackSpy

    Using USB controllers on MVS

    One of my very long serving Neo Geo controllers is giving up the ghost. Mostly works, but sometimes it doesn't. I'm thinking it would be good to get a USB stick so it's easier to use with other systems, but struggling to find adaptors to MVS sockets (my consolised MVS board has Saturn ports...
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    Old Member's Check-In Thread.

  20. BlackSpy

    The UK... EU Referendum... plus Official BREXIT! ps.... FOOK teh EU!

    I don't know how to pronounce it, which is really going to hamper my ability to converse over the next couple of years.