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  1. Arcade Magician

    The Ronnie James Dio "Best of" - NG community selection

    Just one song per user! :D I Speed At Night
  2. Arcade Magician

    Metal Slug 2: Combat School - Survival Mode (HD, 60 FPS)

    Unfortunately using the "FB Alpha v0.2.97.15" emulator (200% overclocked), due to the slowdowns of the original hardware/software. No TAS, no cheats, no Save States, no rapid fire (btw, impossible with this emulator). Just pure hardcore gaming!
  3. Arcade Magician

    Videogame Collectors - Just some questions....

    Theoretically it would be possible to make a game cartridge replica looks 100% original, right? A crazy example: A $2500 game, if I spend 2000 to produce a replica, is $500 profit... not bad at all... do you believe there are undetectable fakes in the wild? What would be a cheap and easy way to...
  4. Arcade Magician

    The Game of Drummers: Shinobi 3 "Idaten" - EP 1

    Game: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Song: "Idaten" Composer: Morihiko Akiyama Drums: Arcade Magician Powered by PDrums by Pyros (custom samples) Potato Keyboard
  5. Arcade Magician

    ....and Jethro Tull?

    Let me share with you guys one of my favorite songs of all times! "Black Sunday" (live)
  6. Arcade Magician

    S-Video IN (CRT-TV MOD)

    So...I'm trying to do a "s-video mod" (my tv don't have a s-video IN), the AVP is a TDA8841... The question is: What do i need to output the image correctly? Resistors?? What kind? Here is what i have done so far.... (I just soldered the wires directly on the chip..:keke:) ....could you...
  7. Arcade Magician

    ...because "patience is a virtue"

    CDZ people are wecome too
  8. Arcade Magician

    Motor Rock (AKA Rock n' Roll Racing 3D) "SuperMouth Rock MOD"

    Info & Download HERE: Features: Voice: Original "Larry SuperMouth Huffman" from the SNES version! Music: ALL THE SONGS ARE THE ORIGINALS ONES! "Highway Star" - Deep Purple "Born To Be Wild" - Steppenwolf "Paranoid" - Black...
  9. Arcade Magician

    Sengoku Denshō : "The Hidden Power"

    Hold the attack button, wait to charge and... Does not work with the "samurai warrior".
  10. Arcade Magician

    ArcadeMagician's Neo-Geo CD custom spine cards.

    Some custom spine cards that i made a while ago... Spine Card Pack (2.2 MB Spine Card Pack (1.9 MB (2.1 MB) .. will upload the other 4 packs soon! Pass:"" (without""):D
  11. Arcade Magician

    Magician Lord: A secret is revealed (after 23 years)

    "The Jump trick" "The easter egg" Video game archeology? XD Cheers! Added to the "tips and cheats" database.