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    Handbell Hero

    Er..not a guitar hero fan, but a friend sent this to me. Handbell Hero. Needless to say I'm horrible at it. :emb:
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    SNK/Neo Geo collectibles

    Hello again, I've got some collectibles I would like to sell. Card Fighters Clash - Jpn Capcom version - complete Baseball Stars - English - no manual Puzzle Bobble Mini - cart only King of Fighters R2 - cart only - SOLD Sonic Adventure - cart only The Last Blade - cart only Fatal Fury -...
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    Loose MVS titles for sale

    Greetings, today I bring you some lovely MVS games for sale. From upper left to lower right they are: Magical Drop III - spoken for Metal Slug X - gone Real Bout Special-SOLD Super Dodge Ball* - Not really for sale since it's a 'special' cart, but I'll throw it in for free if you ask...
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    Happy Birthday kernow

    Yus :spock: :mad: :( PS. Enjoy a cup of Twinings, or if I may be so bold, PG Tips on your day of birth.
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    FS> B. Rap Boys PCB

    I'm asking $150 out the door for this difficult to find game. Money order much preferred over paypal, but I do accept paypal. Any questions or if you would like more pictures that is not a problem at all. I ship via priority mail with delivery confirmation in the continental US.
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    FS> JPN SvC: Chaos homecart

    Pictures speak a thousand words. I'm asking $130 out the door for this. Money order vastly preferred, but I'll most likely tolerate Paypal. Item will be shipped within the continental US via Priority mail with delivery confirmation. Any questions, feel free to ask or if you would like more...
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    Trader feedback problem.

    I bought a game from bokmeow here, but the trader feedback page won't accept the thread's URL as valid. UPDATE: I'm retarded, ignore this thread.
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    OVGE 2006 thread

    OVGE 2006 on August 19th will be here before you know it. This year (like every other year) I say that I'll start planning earlier so as to not half ass things at the last minute. :kekeke: This time I mean it so I made this thread to address to see what other members might like to have...
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    MVS Spring Cleaning - ww7/tss/pdp/ss4

    MVS Waku Waku 7 – US w/ serials - SOLD Puzzle De Pon – JPN - SOLD Samurai Shodown IV – JPN - SOLD • 7 Cardboard Boxes - $? Twinkle Star Sprites - almost a full kit - see pictures - SOLD •MV1 MVS motherboard - $75 total. Bloody hell, forgot to take pics of SSIV. :oh_no: Anyways, make...
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    Spring Cleaning sale/ everything is gone!

    All this is going away, one way or another. Here we go. NES Bionic Commando Battletoads Punch Out-H1 Faxanadu Castlevania Castlevania II Castlevania III Blaster Master-H3 River City Ransom-H3 GENESIS Mega Bomberman Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Fatal Fury Mercs-H4 Sunset...
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    For Sale/ For trade : MVS motherboards

    Hello, I have two MV1's I would like to sell for $75 shipped each or trade for a newer, smaller motherboard. I would really like to trade for an MV-1F or MV-1FZ. Both boards have US bios. Specifications of these boards can be found here. I will have pictures of both boards posted tomorrow...
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    MV1 won't exit hardware test.

    Hello, I've an MV1 board that will not accept soft dip changes. I put in Slug X, accessed the soft dips to change blood to color red, and rebooted to play with red blood. After this, the board will not exit the soft dip screen unless I do a backup clear from the hardware test. This was using...
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    Wanted: One old style Neo stick

    As the title states, I want one old style (square) neo stick. I want one in good cosmetic condition an perfect working condition, some scuffs etc are to be expected. I am not a member of the mint brigade, I play my games. :) Pm me if you've one for sale and we can discuss price and shipping.
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    MVS carts, kits and misc.

    Greetings, lots of good stuff here. Paypal/Money Order only. Everything will be shipped via USPS Priority with delivery confirmation. More things might be listed as my free time allows. Don't hesitate to ask any questions and taking pictures is not a problem. PM or email me at...
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    Happy Birthday Makismo!

    Um.... not quite sure what else to say... :chimp:
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    Ninja Master's MVS - JPN For Sale

    Up for grabs: JPN Garou: Mark of the Wolves - $65 - sold JPN Real Bout 2 : The Newcomers - Full kit - $70 - traded ENG The Last Blade - Cart only (missing serials) - $35 - traded •JPN Ninja Master's - Cart only - $35 There may be more games available soon. I accept money order and paypal...
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    I revert myself.

    Handhelds are no longer gay. The DS has opened my eyes. That is all. Please continue with the political and religious controversy. I shall be busy with Meteos.
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    Total #$&* Carnage

    This has to be one of the best damned TopDown shooters ever created. I picked up the Midway collection V2, and holy shit was I taken back. Now, can anyone tell me how in the world I can find 220 keys?
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    Happy Birthday Tom Wopat

    54 years! :chump:
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    Attn: Jewish members

    What on Earth does "Oy Vey" mean?