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  1. galfordo

    Do you like Trump as President?

    I get the odd craving for a McDonald's cheeseburger, but I fucking hate Diet Coke. That shit is putrid, and probably even worse health-wise than an regular Coke.
  2. galfordo

    Lost a good friend Thurs night...

    That sucks man, very sorry to hear this, especially for his childrens' sake. For all our rules and elaborate safety measures, we're all just a sneeze away from disappearing from the earth forever. Which is why I need to get off my lazy ass and make something of this holiday.
  3. galfordo

    Do you like Trump as President?

    Oh Poppy, you're so adorable. Another cool thing about Trump is that he lets you know who the idiots and man-children are in your group. It's a nice data point to have, honestly. If people get triggered at the mention of his name, it's safe to say that you should not be depending on them for...
  4. galfordo

    Haditha Masacre

    Astonishment? Really?? Personally I don't find this even the slightest bit surprising. Soldiers are trained to behave like psychopaths. Sometimes this results in them behaving like psychopaths.
  5. galfordo

    Do you like Trump as President?

    This is what I find most likeable about Trump. He makes people cry. Especially those people who believe it's their God given right to never be sad. Dude is a beta cuck's worst nightmare.
  6. galfordo

    Today I turned 40

    Video games are ok these days, but I'm afraid he's right about the toy collecting. Toy collecting is 87.3% faggot at our age. And HBD!! :D
  7. galfordo

    Why is Milo famous?

    And this post, my friend, is an example of someone being cucked out by PC culture. Life isn't easy for anyone. You don't get a pass for having a vag.
  8. galfordo

    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    Well, at least he's not pushing reverse mortgages. That's where I draw the line. :keke: FUCK YOU WILLIAM DEVANE AND FUCK YOU FRED THOMPSON
  9. galfordo

    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    Their "punishment" was (is) a joke. They were symbolic and toothless. The "too big to fails" are now bigger. They need to be broken up, and Glass-Steagall needs to be reinstated. All this other bullshit just makes the megabanks more powerful by weeding out those that cannot afford the legal...
  10. galfordo

    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    Every heard of the bank bailouts? Taken a look at the debt clock lately?
  11. galfordo

    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    Fair enough, sorry dude. I had a feeling this was personal. I'm sure it'll get sorted out soon enough, don't let it bring you down.
  12. galfordo

    The Ki Atsushi/LWK Trump Supporter Topic

    I like Trump, the dude cracks me up. Pretty much tells everyone to go eat a dick. As for deregulation, yeah, I'm not a huge fan. We're looking at 2008 all over again. That said, Dodd-Frank is toothless fucking bullshit anyway. Obama got cucked by the Goldman gang within 3 months of taking the...
  13. galfordo

    Don't worry about it, just don't worry about it.

    He may need to break out his toes. The list is not a short one.
  14. galfordo

    Don't worry about it, just don't worry about it.

    Sounds reminiscent of the war on drugs, which I am not a fan of. Mexico could certainly use some help with the cartels, that much is clear. But this is another quagmire, and the problem is poverty, not people. Questioning every shitty deal that Obama left behind is something that should be done.
  15. galfordo

    How viable is war with North Korea during the Trump era?

    Not happening. China, on the other hand is a different beast. I don't see anything happening with that anytime soon, but they have definitely been more aggressive over the past few years, asserting themselves in several different ways as the dominant emerging world superpower. Our politicians...
  16. galfordo

    DO YOU WANNA BLUE! (Do you want to fight?)

    I immediately thought of Merc. :keke:
  17. galfordo


    TRIGGERED :keke: I appreciate man-love as much as the next guy, but I honestly have no memory of you.
  18. galfordo


    Seems pretty awesome to me so far. No regrets.
  19. galfordo

    ...and yet the DNC wonders why they faced so many problems in the election.

    I'm confused. Why would he want to be a woman, or dress like one, if he hates women? You really do meet some interesting characters here. And I feel almost normal sometimes. That's no trivial task guys - kudos!
  20. galfordo

    Why aren't we talking about Trump's changes to the National Security Council?

    Nice. I hope Chuck Schumer starts crying again. :keke: