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    School a Shooter Noob!

    On Steam, there is also the eXceed series, awesome vert shooters. The second one has an Ikaruga type mechanic, and the third is more traditional. The first is kinda meh, only get it if the package for all three is cheaper than two and three individually. The version of 3rd on Steam has one of...
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    Magical Drop V coming VERY soon

    I'm glad there's news, at least. The last I heard of this the game had gotten alpha consideration. Then, nothing.
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    What Fighting Games are you playing ATM?

    I've been playing lots of P4A with fits of Melty interspersed. I plan on playing a lot more once I get my MVS up and running, though!
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    My New Neo MVS!

    There's a whole lot of Colorado in this thread! Slightly belated congratulations on your acquisition. I've just gotten a cabinet myself and figured this site would be a great resource. From this thread alone I've learned that JLWs are drop-in replacements (which is fantastic as I generally...
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    DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou Is Getting a 360 Port (Spring 2013)

    I notice you're not in the states, but Cave has said that there are a couple of companies interested in western localization. One wants to release day-and-date with the Japanese version. The language is noteworthy: "Outside of Japan". Which might not bar another US/Europe region free release...
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    Under Defeat HD gets a US release date

    A shump on PS3? That's crazy. I'm thankful, certainly, but I'm wondering what thought process went behind that business decision. The audience is most likely all on 360 by now.