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    SFV or SFIV--which to play?

    I feel like playing a fighter for some reason even though I haven't cared about them in a decade and even then it was casual. For whatever reason, these new SF games have piqued my curiosity. I read some stuff about V being kind of a mess (online connectivity wise) and it being more casual...
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    "The time for trivial fights is over."
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    Becoming desensitized to insanity.

    *wakes up* *sees Trump tweet unsubstantiated claim that Obama tapped his office* *goes back to bed*
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    Heading to Japan for two weeks at the end of September.

    girlfriend and I are going she's lived there for a few years and speaks the language (she taught English there) we've got the living situation all planned out and the traveling/sights a bit too, but when it comes to Tokyo, I was hoping for suggestions I'm definitely interested in Akihabara...
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    Rocket League (Steam)

    ignore the douches talking this game is a riot and a half been playing it for a couple of days now and it's the most fun I've had with a game in a long time $20 on Steam worth every penny
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    just had to deal with Amazon customer service for the first time

    overall: pretty terrible called about a package that was suppose to be Next Day delivery (Thursday) but was then listed as being delivered on Monday when i checked the UPS tracking site (for some reason the tracking information on the Amazon page wasn't working) first person: said they would...
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    seriously... Titanfall makes me wish i went Xbox One instead of PS4 i would be playing this day one if i had
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    downloaded it on a whim this morning and then proceeded to play for five hours straight only card-type game i ever got into was Cardfighter Clash, so it's not a genre of gaming that ever thought to play much, but this has the potential to be thoroughly addicting
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    Rogue Legacy

    damn good game right here if you have Steam and are into Castlevania-type action games that are seriously challenging you should check it out it has a unique premise that when you die your character is replaced by the next generation of your family, but the twist is that each generation has...
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    nobody talking about how folks in Colorado can legally buy weed?

    seems like something worth talking about
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    Steamworld Dig (Steam/3DS)

    excellent little game right here grabbed it for a few bucks on Steam and was it was a very pleasant surprise gameplay is like Dig Dug meets Metroid it seems to be fairly short (took me 7 hours to finish) but there is a bit else to do afterwards if you're the completionist type so it's at...
  12. A fucking awesome
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    FS: 250gb 360 Slim (and a bunch of free games)

    $150 shipped (US) Controller (no batteries) Power Cable HDMI Cable 250gb Slim System the system itself was bought new by me on release and it hasn't given me any issues whatsoever in all that time i didn't do too much research on the price but that seemed fair after looking at ebay real...
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    WHY WAS I NOT TOLD ABOUT THIS?! (Bayonetta anime)
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    i generally don't care about professional reviews but this kind of pisses me off probably one of my all-time favorite games and i've been going through it again on the PS3 i still have my DC with a copy of this around, but using the DC controller these days borders on being painful compared to the PS3 or...
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    what's the deal with League of Legends?

    heard some people at work talking about it the other day and the super-serious way they were going on was akin to rabid sports fanatic talk i looked up some information about it and i got that same serious vibe from everywhere saw some videos and it looked fun enough for sure, but i was...
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    what did people think of Alan Wake?

    got it for like $2 on Steam i really like the tandem gameplay elements between light sources and conventional weaponry the PC version looks pretty damn good too and the dark atmosphere is certainly very eerie and fitting not too sure about the story yet as it's something that i don't truly...
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    Trailer Park Boys Season 8 (can't believe there's no thread on this)
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    Silk Road online marketplace just heard of this for the first time today the most hardcore thing i put in my system these days is caffeine, but i find the concept of this fascinating seems to be legit from what my internet searches are saying has anyone heard of this...
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    The World's End

    YF-4c8U-mUI when Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright get together, amazing things happen