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  1. gusmoney

    EA now owns Codemasters Interesting acquisition. I like Codemasters old stuff.
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    YOUR Jam of Summer 2020!

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    [Free Game Give Away] KATAMARI DAMACY REROLL for Switch

    Would you like a free digital copy of Katamari for Switch? Post up your interest here in the thread and I will randomly draw a winner next Friday, January 10. 1) herb 2) opt2not 3) wataru330 4) XxHennersXx 5) theMot
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    Philly Meet Up Stream
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    YOUR Jam of Summer 2019!

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    FS: NGPC Lot [SOLD]

    FS: Neo Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) Lot of Eight (8) Games 1) SNK v. Capcom: Match of the Millennium 2) King of the Fighters R2* 3) Fatal Fury: First Contact* 4) Metal Slug: 1st Mission 5) Neo Turf Masters 6) Samurai Showdown! 2* 7) Puzzle Bobble Mini 8) Pac-Man *Pocket Fighting Series All games...
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    Phatal Philly MoA: Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle

    Phatal Philly Cultural Committee presents: Yoshitoshi: Spirit and Spectacle at PMoA Any Philly-area weebs interested in meeting up? The exhibit runs through Sunday, August 18. With a "Pay What You Wish admission on the first Sunday of the month and every Wednesday night." What dates work...
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    [Sold]: Borderlands 2 PSVR

    I have two Playstation 4 VR games for sale in the form of (unredeemed) digital download codes. Paypal only. I have priced these below what the same game codes are going for on ebay. I will PM/email the reverse side of the card with the code once payment is made. 1) Borderlands 2 VR $25...
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    Happy Birthday Kiel!

    Many happy returns bro.
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    Sony Sues ‘Jailbroken’ PS4 Seller for Copyright Infringement

    This article details Sony going after a rather egregious PS4 ebay seller that was advertising jailbroken units and the "freedom" to "stop buying games". The PS4s came with games preloaded. Per the article, "To our knowledge, this is the first jailbroken PS4 lawsuit, and it’s likely that Sony...
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    Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show, Saturday, August 11 -- Saratoga Springs, NY

    Hitting up the Saratoga Pinball & Arcade Show tomorrow, Saturday, August 11. Anyone else going to be there? I'll probably be there early and roll out around lunch.
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    Summer Jam XII, Cherry Hill, NJ, Saturday, September 1

    Since Ralfakick:confused: didn't post about this, anyone going to this? It's the first weekend of September in Cherry Hill, da Jerz. I should be there Saturday night, September 1. Crowne Plaza Philadelphia-Cherry Hill (Cherry Hill, NJ) 2349 W. Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002
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    YOUR Jam of Summer 2018!

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    FOUND: Martial Masters for IGS PGM

    Looking for Martial Masters. I am offering $120. Got it.
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    What's the best city you've ever lived in or visited?

    The other thread is really bumming me out. I have only lived in one general place but I try to travel and here is a short list of places I have really enjoyed in no particular order: Dallas/Fort Worth Nashville Key West San Francisco/Bay Area/Big Sur Chicago NYC Frankfurt
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    Too Many Games, June 22-24, 2018, Oaks, PA

    Late posting on this thread as we are two months out. Tickets available. Who is going? I did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday last year and it was a great time. Planning on more of the same. We had the Phatal Philly shirts and were repping posse thick. Who is coming this year??
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    Happy Birthday Lets Gekiga In!

    You look damn good for 116! All the best to my AAC rival on his birthday and many happy returns.
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    #Winterbrawl12 Saturday, Feb. 24, Essington, PA

    Last year was great, this year will be better. Robot rollcall? Me, Daskrabs, Ralfakick, Majors, Stefan. Anyone else? Big E Gaming Presents: Winter Brawl 12 WHEN: February 23-25, 2018 WHERE: Clarion Hotel and Conference Center 76 Industrial Hwy, Essington, PA 19029
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    Happy Birthday ggallegos1!

    I am pretty sure you are home and safe, and to that end I hope this message finds you well on birthday! Many happy returns!
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    [Switch] Amiibo Multi Solutions

    Does anyone have any experience with an N2 Elite (formerly Amiiqo) or the Action Replay Powersaves device in conjunction with the Switch? I am thinking of going this route as opposed to buying a bunch of silly figures but reviews and details seem sparse on both devices. Specifically, how well...