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  1. Shuri

    SOLD: CPS2 D&D, SSF2T, Giga Wing, MVS 1 slot

    good deal on the shadow over mystara! damn
  2. Shuri

    Building a supergun.

    A modern self contained supergun with an adjustable powersupply would be great. I know there is that one guy from Hong Kong making those big black metal units that are said to be amazing, but the waiting list is pretty crazy. I'm using a retroelectronik with a Suzo Happ + OSSC and it's been...
  3. Shuri

    New ? Hyperboard

    The actual games are kinda hard to get these days, at least at interesting prices.
  4. Shuri

    Rare Factory-Sealed Games Discovered After 27 Years In Storage

    They look.. high. Must be the nineties air, or their phones is vibrating so much from flippers contacting them.
  5. Shuri

    Converted pheonix cps2 trouble,

    Changing regions can lead to crashes with some phoenixed games. I'm going to say that this is the 'problem', but then again you mention ram errors.. Hmm. Leave it to english and see if it happens again
  6. Shuri

    The TRUTH about "NGF"

    What happened to Dion since those days?
  7. Shuri

    Universe Bios 4.0 MVS/AES released!

    Has anyone heard from Razoola? I hope he's doing ok.
  8. Shuri

    AES / MVS prices

    The market sucks now, and prices are never going down. I should had bought more games back in the days but I didn't want to buy more stuff that I could play or else you never really appreciate the games. Ugh.
  9. Shuri

    This guy hit the MVS Jackpot!!!!

    Why would anyone listen to 40 minutes of a guy talking about how he bought 30 copies of Goal Goal Goal and boxes full of Art of Fightings. I guess it's great for the few interesting carts he got. God I hate youtube collectors.
  10. Shuri

    Cotton 2 / Cotton Boomerang / Guardian Force (Switch/PS4) Saturn Tribute

    it's really unplayable with the lag. I wasted my money.
  11. Shuri

    Xeno Crisis coming to Neo Geo

    Unbelievable that the game was released in this state. Especially after making such a big deal of testing it on different hardware..
  12. Shuri

    Samurai Shodown V Perfect releases on eXa Arcadia

    For some reasons, Big truck stops always had amazing arcade setups, at least the ones I remember visiting in the nineties.
  13. Shuri

    Jamma Genesis

    That was EXACTLY the issue. It's working right now. I figured out a few minutes ago. I re-soldered everything and it works!
  14. Shuri

    Jamma Genesis

    so I gave it a try this morning and I ran into some issues. I'm fairly novice when it comes to this kind of encoder stuff but I'm eager to learn! I get no sync, or anything at all. Tested this on my old 'test bench' MAS supergun on composite and on my OSSC setup. As it turns out, all 6 (!) of...
  15. Shuri

    Jamma Genesis

    Super necro bumb. Was looking at this project, seems fun I have a lot of sega genesis model2 so i want to try this. Just a small question - I also found this tutorial: and for the controller part, they simply removed the genesis' control ports and...
  16. Shuri

    Neo Geo games you never bothered playing...

    blazepro carts for $40? :O
  17. Shuri

    Analogue Co announces Analogue Pocket w/ NGPC support

    its fucking wild on twitter seeing all those known modders reselling ngpc with cheap aliexpress ips and selling them for $150 of pure profit.
  18. Shuri

    Hypernoid a new Neo Geo ROM (arkanoid clone)

    Yeah, i'd be interested in a cart release! There's that aliexpress outfit that releases carts with custom pcbs, it could be a cheap way to get it mass produced, but it means that it's .. also going to be bootlegged to hell. but still, I'd love a physical cart!
  19. Shuri

    Contra Returns

    There was a guy selling bootleg versions (?) of an arcade port of this on ebay.
  20. Shuri

    NGPC IPS Screen Issues

    unfortunately, the ips screens are pretty violent on the battery life.