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  1. white castle

    Southeast PA, November 13, 2021

    2pm-? PM me if you need my address.
  2. white castle

    Southeast PA 11th annual meetup November 16th

    Date set. More info later.
  3. white castle

    AES stick octo gate

    I made an octagonal restrictor gate for aes sticks. Stl to 3d print in link.
  4. white castle


  5. white castle

    Southeast PA Round 10 - November 3 2018

    Posting early this year. Should be plenty of time for everyone to make plans. Saturday, November 3rd 2018. 2pm - ? Anyone is welcome. Pm me for address. I’ll buy some pizza. Bring anything else you would like.
  6. white castle

    9th annual southeast PA meet up. November 4th 2017

    Same shit as the last 8 years.
  7. white castle

    Southeast PA November 5th

    Holler November 5th 4pm - 4am. I'll buy plenty of pizza, surge, amp, and cheeseballs. If you want something else then bring it yourself. If anyone needs my address or phone number please pm me.
  8. white castle

    November 7th. South east PA My house. 2 pm

    Pm me for address and phone number. November 7th 2 pm until sometime around 5 am. Everyone is welcome. Plenty of games to play. Lots of pizza. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks.
  9. white castle

    Card Fighters Clash: Anyone know how to get S075 Chizuru?

    I have 299 of the 300 cards. Chizuru is the last card I need. Does anyone know where to find it?
  10. white castle

    Southeast PA, November 22, 2014

    My house, 2pm-whenever. Crash here if needed. Pinball Parlour is not far from my house for anyone who wants to go. Staying at my house is an option for anyone who would rather stay behind. They are open from 7-10 pm. Pizza. The 6 slot will be streaming on twitch the entire evening. If anyone...
  11. white castle

    Nightmare in the Dark garbled graphics

    My Nightmare in the Dark cartridge works perfectly on my 6-slot and 4-slot boards. It does not work on any of my single slot boards. I have tested it on 1T, 1A, 1FS, 1FZ, 1FZS, and 1B. They all display this: Does anyone know what would cause this?
  12. white castle

    WTB: Neo controllers

    Found some. Thanks.
  13. white castle

    Southeast PA annual fall meetup November 9, 2013

    November 9, 2013 Anyone is welcome. If planning on attending please post in this thread or PM me. Starts at 2 pm. Pinball Parlour from 7-9. Back to my house until the early morning. People can crash here if needed. I plan to have some tournaments. I'll come up with some shitty prizes...
  14. white castle

    Southeast PA Annual Gathering 2012 - November 17th

    Gaming at my place from 2 p.m. until whenever the last car leaves. Usually stuff is still going on at 3 a.m. Most likely a trip to pinball parlour around 7 or 8 p.m. If interested please PM me or post in this thread. I changed my phone number in the past year. If anyone need my new number...
  15. white castle

    Thread title change please.

    Can a mod please change the title and first post of this thread to reflect the date being changed to November 20th. Thanks.
  16. white castle

    Photos from January 30th Southeast PA gathering

    My camera was left out for anyone who wanted to take some pictures. I was going to only post a few, but decided to post everything that was on the camera. Here they are in chronological order.
  17. white castle

    Metal slug 3 freezing

    Metal slug 3 freezes in my dedicated 6 slot. All my other games play fine on the board, and ms3 doesn't freeze on any of my 1 slot boards. In the cab right now is: bust a move(boot) last resort svc chaos samurai shodown 5 kof 2k3 metal slug 3 I have the cab in a little hot dog shop to make...
  18. white castle

    ngbc time release characters

    Does anyone know how much play time is needed before the time release characters are released in neo geo battle coliseum?
  19. white castle

    I made a joystick while drunk last night

    Best stick ever
  20. white castle

    nine inch nails 'the hand that feeds' video