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  1. werejag

    sega lindbergh securty pic bracket

    im looking for the metal bracket that the pic slides into. this has two screws
  2. werejag

    psx controller that seems rare-what do you think?

    Did this come from a special psx or a dev system?scph-1080
  3. werejag

    the werejag needs some money for a deal fund.

    i need 25-30 dollars. so im offering to solder, flash eproms anything reasonable. i can make naomi chips also. im a bit short on a deal and short of cash to complete it fully. im in the usa would any work offers. pm please
  4. werejag

    wtb: quality jamma connector

    i ordered a few off ebay and they turned out to be shit. i dont care if it come from a cut harness. new used whatever just don't want the jamma connector to fall apart next week. must have all its pins. have paypal ready really want 2
  5. werejag

    metal slug 2 boot with issues

    im planing on converrting this to a turbo since its a boot with gloptop eeproms and a few eproms. any suggestions what could i can look for to fix this?
  6. werejag

    lcd and the naomi

    my lcd monitor that could run Naomi video went in the bit bucket. im looking for a lcd solution on the fairly cheap. is there an adapter board or article that i can be pointed at. i have no cab so those solutions are out if any
  7. werejag

    can i get teh 10 year badge?

    i tried to connect to rot directly but he seems busy.
  8. werejag

    label for f3

    im looking for someone to make me a "multi" label in the same font style as a tatio f3 mobo's "japan "asia" "usa"
  9. werejag

    wanted: pso gamecube keyboard adpater

    these were given out with phantasy star online back in the day. if you had the game. looking for couple.
  10. werejag

    wtb: looking for a inexpensive f3 cart

    reagion doesnt matter , gamer condition alright.
  11. werejag

    looking for two nes controlers

    i want the cables out of two nes controllers for a matching set of converter cables. anyone have some matching dead nes controllers. i really dont want to cut up a working set of controllers.
  12. werejag

    wanted: looking for Raspberry Pi original/ other than model2

    if someone is upgrading to model 2 and has the older Raspberry Pi laying around. i would like to buy it. 40pin version please
  13. werejag

    wanted: tatio f3 cart to borrow for 2 weeks.

    i need a test cart for my testing for the group buy that is set up. will return asap thanks will need this in 5 weeks from now
  14. werejag

    Group Buy: Modding /Shipping slowly -- Region Modded F3 Taitos

    With the help of mjmjr25 getting in contact with the seller. we have 20 systems on hold. so once I have all paid commitments, I can get the ball rolling. Please remember I can't get them shipped till I have all the money. Shipping 6-8 weeks to my door and then ill mod each for region free. ill...
  15. werejag

    fs: naomi region free bioses

    22 shipped in the usa ill add a nice eprom label and a sticker crib sheet
  16. werejag


    i really dont know how much this service is worth shipped in the usa. 50 shipped? i got very handy modding the few i've done.
  17. werejag

    wtb: a gamer condition or worst neogeo bean controller

    i mainly need this for a small project im doing it doesnt have to work but must be complete
  18. werejag

    netdimm sticker scans

    im looking for scans of the 512 and 256 round logo stickers
  19. werejag

    wanted: non working or glitchy atomiswave bootlegs

    any atomiswave boots that do not work or are glitchy
  20. werejag

    naomi multibios

    the new bios found here i know what im burning tonite