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  1. Opethian

    GONE US Burning Fight + JP KOTM 2 AES $150 each SOLD $200 shipped for both
  2. Opethian

    US Burning Fight ssia
  3. Opethian

    SOLD: JP Last Blade 2 AES

    spine is faded game is real $460 shipped SOLD
  4. Opethian

    WTB/Trade: Rage of the Dragons JP Homercart

    Have other games willing to trade. You will be put on blast if it is fake.
  5. Opethian

    SOLD: Samurai Spirits IV and Savage Reign Lot SSIV spine is faded the fuck out $320 shipped in the US no splitsies
  6. Opethian

    SOLD: Raguy in a beatup box

    $50 shipped box has a tear and tape on it. inner tray has some cracks SOULD
  7. Opethian

    Final Fantasy Brave Exivus

    Maybe FFRK wasn't so popular how about this one? about the same gimmick but more modern graphics. 127875771 got a decent setup. I think its global now on ios and android
  8. Opethian

    FS: JP Playstation stuff

    Kings Field JP broken case no spine card Kings Field III JP complete $10 for both Bioharzard Gunsurvivor 4 $5 Final Fantasy JP lot Final Fantasy VII International Final Fantasy VIII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy X and X International Final Fantasy X-2 and International + Final Mission...
  9. Opethian

    WTB: DeathSmiles MBL kit or PCB

    plz halp
  10. Opethian

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper

    anyone else playing this? I been on it for a year and I'm kinda surprised its not as popular as it is for a free game.
  11. Opethian

    JP PC games for sale (MSX/FMT/9801)

    PC9801 Wordsworth 12 disks complete $50 FM Towns Wordsworth cd and both special disks no outer case just manual $30 MSX chooter bundle Vaxol, Battle of Peagus, Gall Force all complete $90 pics to come
  12. Opethian

    MSX RPGs and Disc Station 1&2

    Oji Bin Bin Story Rune Master II Compile Disc Station #1 Compile Disc Station #2 $100 shipped in the US
  13. Opethian

    SOLD:SFC game lot

    cant split its just not kosher Gunforce Super Aleste Macross: Scramble Valkyrie $150 shipped $20 off if we dealt before... another lot is in the works...
  14. Opethian

    SOLD: JP PS1 games

    PS1 games MSX Antiques Vol.1 Arkanoid R 2000 Money Puzzle Exchanger $30 SOLD! when this bundle moves a new bundle will be listed...
  15. Opethian

    WTB or borrow: FDS RAM cart

    Need to dump one to the retro freak to play FDS games. will buy or ship back if someone wants to let me dump it cheers
  16. Opethian

    Happy Birthday TurboCro

    Hope you had a good one, việt powa!
  17. Opethian

    SOLD: X360 games Konamistyle Otomedius controller with pin badge set and game $265 DDP SDOJ LE $85 ESP Galuda II LE $30 take it all for $300 shipped offers welcome Deathsmiles...
  18. Opethian

    SOLD: US Cyber Lip would like to trade towards a JP Real Bout 2 or $150 SOLD
  19. Opethian

    SOLD: Sonic Wings 3 JP

    $450 SOLD
  20. Opethian

    FS: Konamistyle Hori + Superplay DVDs gallery of suicide^ like this but with the game included as well its friggin huge. I got a vewlix panel now I don't need this anymore. Otomedius is a region locked game (JP only) Pin badges are included and unopened. $265 shipped in the US The Flash Desire Raiden...