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  1. Montatez

    Dark Souls Remastered

    This topic may be a little late coming but if you guys did not know: I'm really excited about this. I never fully got a chance to play the first one and...
  2. Montatez

    SNES mini coming from Nintendo Another flipper special from our friends at Nintendo!
  3. Montatez

    WTB Fatal Fury 1 AES Real Bout Special

    Still trying to find the original Fatal Fury on AES. Boxed with insert, gamer condition. Them carts were meant to be played. Maybe a Real Bout Special as well in the same condition. If you have one you maybe willing to part with let me know. Also looking for an insert for Burning Fight Jap. Or...
  4. Montatez

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy thanksgiving you guys and gals! What are you thankful for this thanksgiving?
  5. Montatez

    WTB: Burning fight AES insert!

    Looking for a Burning Fight AES insert. Or insert and box. Just dont want a loose cart roaming around. I should throw in here payment through paypal only.
  6. Montatez

    Sega enthusiasts wanted

    We talked about this in the NES thread but no one ever started it. So here goes. I left it Sega enthusiast imstead of Genesis. But we can stick with Genesis. The Genesis was my second favorite system growing up. Loved the titles, loved the controllers. Just loved that sexy dark look. Here is...
  7. Montatez

    Commodore; saving cars and kicking ass

    Came across this article randomly. The ingenuity of humans can be great at times. Maybe why classic gaming machines run better then our current gen. Either way this is impressive.
  8. Montatez

    WTB: Burning Fight AES Insert

    Hello all I am trying to aquire a burning fight insert maybe manual as well my games lacks everything except but the cart. :/ I would accept a reprint but would prefer an original if someone has one. Thanks!
  9. Montatez

    WTB: MVS Control Panel and Harness

    So I am not sure if this is the right forum, and my terminology maybe a little off but here goes. I have this big red dedicated 2 slot that I picked up cheap. Problem is it has this ugly ass control panel from what I can only assume is an NFL Blitz machine... Now the wiring harness is a bit...
  10. Montatez

    For your viewing pleasure....
  11. Montatez

    My Neo-Geo Dream...

    I love Neo-Geo. I remember as a kid thinking the Neo-Geo was the holy grail of systems. It was not until about 6 years ago was I able to get my first AES. And the rest is history...