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  1. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Happy Birthday Chubby Groundhog / TonK!

    I had to come back for this, didn't I. Happy Birthday to the most famous white man on the forums with a black avatar! I hope you get a Don Pachi, Do Don Pachi and a fuckton of Pokemon cards. Jibba, lmk when you wanna come over and we'll FaceTime him together. Also, on a side note, Happy...
  2. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Neo Geo Secret Santa 2014 pics start post 85

    Was is the co-worker I spoke to on the phone? After I exhausted my French his friendliness disappeared. That book is pretty tame. Now the video series ...
  3. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    WINNER CHOSEN -- Win Teddy KGB's STICK (PCE stick)

    Can you just drop it off at my place along with last cab of yours? Thank you!
  4. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Pink Mini MVS found! (UPDATE New pics and video!)

    I'm back from Siberia! Jesus, has it been four months? This time in the gulag it felt like four years, but at least they took out my tracking chip implants and I'm allowed to assimilate myself back into normal American society. Teddy gave me a heads up on this thread and I saw Geo's FB post...
  5. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    I'm thinking of closing up shop

    A bit late to the party since I'm barely online nowadays, but just wanted to chime in and offer support to James, one of the best guys in the hobby. I'm a bit biased since James is a friend, but anyone who has ever interacted with him will know him as a caring father, impeccable technician, and...
  6. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Why haven't any of you doll fuckers started a Game of Thrones topic?

    I'm in the middle of book 2 now. Book one was on tape thanks to Taiso's recommendation but I found myself unable to pay proper attention during traffic so it's back to print. I was never into the fantasy genre so I did not even know of the books' existence until the show started. After seeing...
  7. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Does anyone actually buy this crap??? VGA graded games

    I've seen people bring up this point before, but the analogy doesn't work. A vintage AF15 or TEC27 can be opened carefully, read, and enjoyed. Can't do that with a sealed video game. I'm not into CGC slabs either, but at least you can break those apart, enjoy the comic, then have it re-slabbed...
  8. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Gaming franchises you used to dislike...

    I used to hate point and click games. But after blistering my thumb playing a couple fighting games on a regular pad, all I've done in the past month is go through Monkey Island, Sam and Max, and a couple other similar series. While they're not going to take over my main gameplay time, I...
  9. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Does anyone actually buy this crap??? VGA graded games

    Last time I purchased sealed "classic" games it was about five years back when I was finishing up my loose NES library. Just wanted clean fresh carts. Opened up the sealed copies, kept the game, sold the boxes and never looked back. I'd do the same today if people weren't being crazy with some...
  10. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    BIGTIME..... why no PM replies?

    I'll likewise confirm what the above locals are saying about BT. He's a busy dude with a new job but he is 100% honest and always holds up his end of the deal.
  11. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    IC: SNES/N64 RGB Euro Scart cables GROUP BUY!!

    Same situation exactly as Teddy above, but I'll sign up for one even at regular price level.
  12. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Wives...Gfs... Will they ever understand?

    Most people I know have very understanding wives who allow some man space. That space seems to drastically shrink once kids show up. The baller thing is to maintain a cab per kid policy. Every additional kid allows you to have an additional cab in your man cave. It's a win-win-win situation.
  13. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    FS: Intellivision Games and Boxes. If you are a picky jerk you better go away.

    Hey am too late? I have about 50 discs of quality pr0n to offer in trade. No furries in the lot.
  14. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    The Comic Book Thread

    I confirm that Trey is real as well. Picked up some Powers hardcovers at half off at the Big Wow Comic Fest. Hopefully this series is all its cracked up to be since Bendis has been pimping it lately on his Tumblr.
  15. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    FS: Konami Hybrid Chip Recap Services / CPS2 / CPS1 Battery Replacement

    Woo hoo, watching! If I win maybe we can swap at the next meetup :)
  16. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    First appearance of Wolverine = 657 large

    You thought our hobby was crazy? The first published appearance of Wolverine from the last page of The Incredible Hulk #160 just sold for $657K shattering the record for a public sale of an interior comic art page and matching the record for an American original comic art piece...
  17. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Taiso's Game Giveaway Part 3 - Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3)

    I wanna sign up just for a chance to get Taiso's addy so I can send him free pr0n.
  18. Comrade Porn King Mikhail

    Side Scrolling Beat-em ups

    With all the homebrew fan remakes, I'm surprised no one has attempted a Fatal Fury beat-em-up. Until they come out with an X-Men sequel utilizing the vs. games sprites, AvP remains tops for me. Can't ask for more from this genre than two Predators taking on an entire Alien army. Unless they...