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  1. gamejunkie

    Halo 3 Beta impressions

    I sat my little brother up with the team training matchmaking and a few people had guests, but I think you're right that you can only have one guest. From what I've heard all copys of Crackdown come with the beta now, even the ones that aren't marked... After using Crackdown to download the...
  2. gamejunkie

    WTB: Electroplankton

    Any region is fine.
  3. gamejunkie

    Anyone going to get NBA Street Homecourt?

    Does the full version have the announcer like the old Street? It really sucks you can't box out for rebounds in this one, and the turbo seems to do nothing. The AI players move faster on their own than when you're using turbo while controlling them.
  4. gamejunkie

    ...soooo...who is getting the new Iphone???

    You can't even install apps or edit documents on it... Pretty useless if you ask me.
  5. gamejunkie

    How is porn not prostitution?

    Really, how does this work? As long as you film the act and sell it, it is doesn't count as prostitution?
  6. gamejunkie

    New Release 360 Trade-In Value?

    That's pretty damn gay. There' s a local store called GameXchange that I think I'll check. Hopefully I won't have to pay more than $15 for a Halo 3 beta...
  7. gamejunkie


    I always eat m&m's on my ice cream... I think you're gay. :tickled:
  8. gamejunkie

    New Release 360 Trade-In Value?

    I'm not too much up on 360 game prices, but I do want to play in the Halo 3 beta that's coming up. How much do you think I could sell Crackdown back to Gamestop/EB for? Do I get cash or credit with a trade-in?
  9. gamejunkie

    did a full reinstall (thanks vgmuseum!) help please!

    Opera had the one cool feature where you could save your tabs to a browsing session and close the program out, then come back and reopen all the tabs. Other than that I just didn't like how Opera worked, and now Firefox has crash recovery to restore all your open tabs. So, I just end the...
  10. gamejunkie

    blowjobs > wii [20cftw]

    Oh Snap! :tickled:
  11. gamejunkie

    NiGHTS on the Wii...maybe

    I'm pretty sure that's the answer right there.
  12. gamejunkie

    did a full reinstall (thanks vgmuseum!) help please!

    I'm sure the smooth scroll thing's your answer, but I'd suggest installing Firefox. :kekeke:
  13. gamejunkie

    blowjobs > wii [20cftw]

  14. gamejunkie

    There is now One and Only One Game Store

    Better run out and buy some Barnes and Noble stock.
  15. gamejunkie

    The "New Year's Eve 2007 Pictures" Thread -

    More please. :tickled:
  16. gamejunkie

    Affro Samurai on the motherfuckin Plane!

    Man, I thought yesterday was Thursday and totally missed tonight's airing. Was it the same one as the website? I downloaded the torrent last night and just watched it. Does it end with the rpg guy? This show is freaking crazy, and I love it! So, this wasn't a Japanese anime? It's not just a...
  17. gamejunkie

    Dear DashK:

    Really, who actually uses the recycle bin anyway? If you're going to delete something then delete it. shift+delete BTW, when is this big mac conference? I heard they're going to have monitors larger than the 30"... lol big mac :tickled:
  18. gamejunkie

    The Wiiki - New Domain, New Interface

    Wow, this is better than Nintendo's site! Good job! The only thing I can think of is for the front page images to darken when you mouse over them. (or un-haze or whatever it is)
  19. gamejunkie

    Warner introduces Hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD discs

    So when are they going to start selling these? I remember reading about this months ago...